8 ways web design favours in helping a business

8 Ways Web Design Favours in Helping a Business

If you’re running a business, you should always be looking for more ways to improve your digital marketing strategy. This includes your social media presence, SEO, ad campaigns, and the thing that ties them all together, your website.

Over half a million websites are created every single day, and most of them fail before they make a dime. Luckily, you don’t have to fall victim to that.

With the right web design services, your business can hit the ground running! Let’s talk about what they can do for you and your brand!

How Web Design Helps Business

1. Building A Visual Brand

When you’re building a brand, visual branding is the key. Let’s paint an image in your mind only with words. Imagine a white background with big, bold, colourful letters sticking out in the centre. The colours are blue, yellow, red, and green. What brand did you think of? If you said Google, you’re right.

This is because Google has spent the last couple of decades building up its brand to the point of being instantly recognisable, even if you just read a description of what it looks like.

Because of this, Google is able to run ads without even saying its company name, and their images are burned into people’s brains. How did they do it?


Building a visual brand means you have to display uniformity on everything related to your brand, and your website is the perfect place to do so. Make sure pages on your site match the aesthetic of your business cards, apps, flyers, ad campaigns, social media pictures, packaging, and anything else that represents your brand.

Sticking to the previous example, think about how Google uses uniformity. Their logos for all of their apps like Chrome, Drive, and others have different symbols, but they stick to the same 4 colours they always use with the same white background, making them instantly identifiable.

Colour Scheme

Google’s colour scheme is a lot more recognisable than their competitor, Apple’s. Apple’s brand is pretty unrecognisable with only the use of colours, as they typically stick to neutral tones like white, black, and silver.

However, a colour scheme can definitely spell out your brand, and Google is the perfect example. Try sticking to a colour scheme that matches your brand. If you run a flower shop, use a bright, floral colour scheme. If you run a wood shop, try keeping to a more naturalistic colour scheme. Whatever it is, try to make it fit.


Using a uniform font goes a long way to building a visual brand identity, and keeping this uniform throughout your website and all other branded materials will make you even more identifiable. This should also match the nature of your brand, just like the colour scheme. For example, a technology company should have a sleek, easy-to-read font while a wedding-planning company could use a fancy, cursive one.

Graphic Design

The design of your website should fit your brand and all other business-related material. This includes the background and foreground, the navigation menu, the blog, and all pages across your website. This will definitely require the services of a professional.

This will incorporate your colour scheme, style, layout, and more to fit your visual brand. Overall, the right website design will go a long way toward strengthening your visual brand identity, so if that’s something you want to improve, don’t overlook these services.

2. Professional Appearance

Even if visual brand identity is the least of your concerns (which it shouldn’t be), having an overall professional appearance on your website is great for business and consumer trust. A truly well-designed website can only be achieved through professional services.

This is because consumers spend a lot of time online, and they’re used to surfing on some of the most professional and high-budget websites out there, like Facebook, Amazon, and Google. Because of this, a poorly-crafted, DIY website stands out to them like a sore thumb.

You don’t want to waste your money on PPC advertisements if it only brings people to a site that’s difficult to use, as this will only drive them away. Having a professional website will ultimately help with your conversion rates and even help you build organic traffic to your site.

3. SEO

Believe it or not, the right web design will help with SEO. When you think of SEO, you probably think of backlinks and keywords, but there’s a lot more to an SEO strategy than that. Mobile-friendliness, the right visual imagery, page speed, navigation, and blog style all play major roles in your rank on Google.

If you don’t care about this, you really should. 75% of all traffic from Google searches goes to the top 3 organic spots on the first page of the search result. If you’re a local business that only has a few competitors, this is your ticket to dominating the competition. If your business works from anywhere, it’s even more critical that you show up on the first page, as this can literally make or break your business.

4. Sets The Tone For Customers

Customers want to have a good experience, which is critical to brand loyalty and repeat service. Customers’ first impression of your business will be your website in many cases, so looking professional will lead them to believe you have reliable customer service and products.

Remember, your competitors are likely already trying to create consistency and brand loyalty with the same target audience you’re seeking, so failing to keep up will be costly.

5. Customer Retention

Okay, you’ve increased your traffic with SEO. Once people are on your site, they don’t usually wait for long. More than 53% of people will leave a page after just 3 seconds of loading, so optimising your page speed and user-friendliness is key to retention.

If you’re able to edge yourself a little closer to the top with the right website design, not only will people find your website more often, but they won’t be turned away from navigational or user difficulties. This means it will help you get traffic and keep it.

Getting customers is half the battle, keeping them is the next half. Building brand loyalty among your customers is excellent for ensuring that your business stays afloat for the long run!

6. Working With Experienced Professionals

Networking is never a bad thing, and having the right team of web design professionals on speed dial can help you keep your business growing for as long as you want.

When you hire a professional web design company, they come with a long history of experience with all different brands and all the different challenges that have come with them. They will offer you the best service for the right price, and give you a product that will put you in the best position to keep generating business for you while you just sit back and watch.

They will also be able to work with you directly to meet your needs and the goals you have for your website. If your main focus is gaining organic traffic, the right company will offer you long-term SEO services. If you want your ad campaigns to direct your audience to a user-friendly site, they can help you with that.

Be clear about what you want to see out of the website, and the right team will have no problem helping you reach those goals.

7. Added Website Options

There are valuable additions you can add to your website with the help of professional developers. You can add membership features, email subscription options, notification settings, any kind of pages you want, and so much more.

These will not only add value to your customers who want to get more from your company, but they will lead to more money being put directly into your pockets.

8. A Lot Of Value For What You Pay

If you get professional web design services, especially if they’re through an easier medium like WordPress, you’re bound to find some surprisingly affordable rates. For what you’re getting, including increased traffic, customer retention, and increased brand visibility, the price is extremely affordable.

Don’t Wait

Now that you know the benefits of professional web design for your business, the longer you wait, the bigger the head start you’re giving your competition. If your business could use some professional web design, check out our services and keep up to date with our latest website and SEO news to keep improving your digital marketing strategy at Cosmik Carrot!

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