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Ben Bradley

Director & Web Developer

About us with Ben Bradley

Cosmik Carrot was the brainchild from freelance web designer & developer Ben Bradley back in 2008. He focused on start-ups, and small to medium businesses with the sole objective to create an affordable web presence for each of these clients.

From a small tiny seedling to a harvested ripe carrot, Cosmik Carrot has gone from strength to strength since 2008. After working with freelancers and small start ups in the Birmingham area focussing on providing a web presence at an affordable cost, Cosmik Carrot was then approached by a couple of medical societies in the UK to encapsulate the members of their society, and arrange their annual meetings with bespoke event management.

After getting involved in bespoke event management, Ben now specialises in event management giving other clients the same opportunity to hold ticketed events like, classes, shows, seminars, meetings, gigs, concerts, dances, fetes, and any other type of event that you would like to make a ticketed event. The events can also be online, as well as offline. Whether you want to arrange an online class, a dance competition, an executive seminar, a gig ticket for a band, or a concert ticket for a theatre production. Whatever the event, you can have a custom ticket for your event with a barcode on each ticket to be scanned at the entrance of your event.

If you have an event that you would like to promote through your website, take all the payments, hassle free administration, and would like to know more, then get in contact with us.



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