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Announcing a remarkable decade in business and growing

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A Decade in Business

This week marks an impressive milestone of a decade in business since Cosmik Carrot was started back in January 2008.

When you start a new business venture, your main concern is to think about the short term goals of the next week or month of what needs to be achieved and completed for clients. You never look towards a milestone of 10 years and think of all the thousands of small goals that it’s going to take to reach that milestone. However, with plenty of hard work and planning, and the pleasure of working for many clients as far as Los Angeles and Sydney. This 10 year milestone has now been achieved.

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WordPress is 14 Years Old

The pace of changes in web design and web development has been extraordinary in the last decade, and the mind boggles as to where we’ll be another 10 years from now. The growth of WordPress now covers 29% of the Web, and this only looks to increase in the near future with the birth of Guttenberg in 2018. The future of WordPress looks bright with Guttenberg.

The Future of E-Commerce

Integrated online payments used to be dominated with the use of Paypal, but we have moved on and use our preferred choice of Stripe. This always provides the most professional experience for the client and their users.

With the recent rollout of Apple Pay to the market, this is an area where we expect to see a rise in clients looking to accept payments through Apple Pay for their clients convenience with the domination of mobile.

Growth of Mobile

Back in January 2008, the first Apple iPhone had just been launched the previous summer. The user experience of web on mobile was amazing at first not having to sit at a desk anymore, but this soon wore off with plenty of frustrations of websites not being mobile responsive.

Fast forward to today and the user experience on mobile is outstanding. The growth of smartphones and tablets has proved that mobile is here to stay, and is now the dominant way we view the web. Google has already changed their algorithm in 2017 to ensure a mobile first indexing for their search results.

Search Engine Marketing

For the foreseeable future, we now see the search engine market being the driving force behind all web development decisions to ensure return on investment for user engagement. Clients can receive a mass of data from many sources other than Google, and this information is providing us with the details of how your website should behave depending on your client audience.

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