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Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing Facebook messenger chatbot marketing is now the future for qualified leads, customer support, and marketing for the next level in your business. There used to be a time when a potential customer would look through a business...

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Internet Summit 2018 London Review

Internet Summit 2018 London When Cosmik Carrot was invited to attend the first Internet Summit in London on the 14th June, there was only one thing we had to say to be there, “Yes please!". It was an amazing day out of the office, with a broad set of topics about the...

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WordCamp London 2018 …Amazing Community!

How was WordCamp London 2018? ....Amazing! This is a short post about our amazing time at WordCamp London 2018. As part of the best open source platform that is WordPress, there is also a community that uses WordPress that is just as amazing as the platform itself....

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Simplistic truth about why SEO is important

What does SEO stand for? SEO is an abbreviation of the phrase "Search Engine Optimisation." What does SEO actually mean? It means search engine optimisation is the digital marketing technique online, in order to increase web page rankings on search engines like Google...

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