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What is Event Registration definition?

We’ll kick it off with a good definition. The definition of what is event registration is basically;

The process by which an event planner organises attendance to an experience for one or more attendees. The event organisers should be able to choose an event registration process that fits the needs of each event and can help them achieve their goals.

What Event Registration process should you use?

Now we’ll move on to what event registration process should you actually use? Now with that question in mind, we’re going to just talk through some of the things that you should actually consider on what process you should use for your event registration.

Online Registration

The first big one, the first major one seems fairly obvious, but the days of offline event registration are over. Online efficiency is best, for a multitude of reasons, and you’ll see these reasons as we go through. The first one, obviously customer registration can be updated. This is obviously when the customer can actually enter their details, change them, edit them.

If this was all done on a manual basis you may have had a registration form sent in, completed, and then a request to actually then have another form sent back out to re-register or get some sort of administrator to make those manual administration changes. So, having it online first of all gives the customer the best chance to change their details firsthand.

Customer Registration Choice

Also, the user can obviously make their own ticket choice, and this obviously gives you the option then to supply a different range of tickets, whether that be beginner, medium, expert sort of packages, or starter to more accomplished packages, or whatever it may be, it gives the user the option to obviously make that specific choice that fits them and their needs.

Customer Data

With the use of an online event registration you can actually then also request the specific data that you want from the user. So that gives you the option to provide a whole range of questions and boxes and tick boxes that you can get the user to complete prior to registration.

This also then gives the user the understanding of the data that they’re going to supply to you, and that they’re comfortable in doing so, and also a better understanding of what the event may entail, whether this is a course or some sort of membership of some sort. At least they know the data they are supplying and what it’s for.


For whatever event that you may want attendees to register for you may want to actually send out e-tickets after the registration. This is fantastic, because to do this in an offline format you would be having to get names and addresses and send tickets through the post and that increases the administration costs. But the process of an online registration means you can have an e-ticket sent out to the actual user that is registered with the data all on that e-ticket for them to attend on the day of the event.

Barcode E-Ticket

Also on the e-ticket you can actually add, and I’d certainly recommend this, to get a bar code added on to the e-ticket so if you’ve got an event at a certain large venue and you needed to know a certain attendee number on those that actually turn up and attended on a specific day. You could actually scan every single ticket on entry and that will give you a correct total on the people in the room at the time. A venue or whatever sort of event it may be that requires a limit of people that are only allowed to attend.

Event Registration Payment

Accepting the payment at the point of registration, this is fantastic, and where you can, I certainly recommend to take payment at the point of registration. You obviously can have the option and choice to take payment offline after a user is registered but having the payment up front and accepted gives you a better understanding of the value of the event before it even takes place.

Secure Credit Card Transactions

Also to take the payment you need a professional secure debit/credit card transactions. This can be done through many payment gateways but I certainly recommend to have a secure format whichever sort of way you want to take payment.

List of Registered Attendees

You can also get a full list of the registered attendees prior to the event, this will give you a full understanding of everyone that is going to take part. Depending on the sorts of questions and data that you asked of the user or attendee at the point of registration you can have all that information within your list of registered attendees.

So, whether it might be that you was asking if somebody got a certain meal requirement, all that information can be done and present on the list prior to the event. Obviously when you have that information you can verify it with various sources whether its caterers for example or the actual attendee themselves with the contact information that they may have supplied.

Event Communications

You can have the option to notify all the attendees prior to the event in a sort of mass e-mail. You could either do a run of e-mails prior to the event or just provide one or none at all but having the option to contact them all with a short quick message even if it was for an emergency to say the event is canceled, is a great option. Whereas if the event was offline you would have a very large phone bill trying to contact everybody to inform them.

Event Marketing

Communicate with attendees after the event is a fantastic marketing tool to use the data you have been given by each user to actually target them for any other future events that you may have that you want to offer them. Alongside with that communication, you can also offer any discounts for any past attendees for those future events that you may want to offer to them, that they might want to attend.

How to design for an Event Registration process?

Now moving on, we can ask how to design for an event registration process. Well, the questions that you need to ask yourself are;

What sort of event are you selling?

Whether that may be a course, a cinema evening, a fair, a class, a workshop, whatever it may be you need to sort of understand what sort of event it is that you are trying to sell. Whether it’s even just a free event, we’ll use the world ‘sell’ as you’re trying to gain a registration by each of your attendees and users. So that is the first big question you need to ask yourself.

How many attendees does your event hold?

The next one is actually how many attendees does your event hold. So if you’ve got like a workshop of say 30, 50 people, that is a limit of users or attendees that can attend and that needs to be built into the event registration process. If it’s a fair size of several hundred people and there is no limit on the numbers then obviously the event registration process needs to have no limit of attendees.

Are there different options for registration?

You then need to also think about all the different options for registration. So is there a beginners ticket or an experts ticket or whatever sort of ticket you may have that you want to sell. You need to sort of understand that those are the sort of options that you want to offer at registration, and as long as those are clear at the beginning that provides a better process for the attendees.

What information do you need from the attendee?

You need to gather all the questions and all the possible answers that you may require from your attendees. So such questions as you know, age, contact number, e-mail address, name would be a good start. It would obviously depend on the event, if it’s an event with a meal do they have any food or allergy requirements?

If it’s an event with multiple times of attendance you need to also then actually gauge which time they expect to attend? The list is endless really but whatever sort of information you need, you need to get all those questions up front and ready at the beginning of the registration process

Does the event require a physical/digital e-ticket?

Do you want to send out an e-ticket of some sort where other users can print out and make it in physical format or do you want them to have a digital e-ticket that they can bring on their smartphones to scan on entrance?

Do you need to scan tickets on entry?

Carrying on with an e-ticket, do you need to scan any tickets on entry? This is mainly for events that have a limit. So it’s really important to understand if there is a limit to the attendees. If there is a limit number of 400 attendees, then you need to actually get each ticket scanned on entry to avoid overcrowding at the event.

Does your event require a payment to register?

If your event requires payment at register, you need to actually gauge all the costs of each ticket or the single price of that ticket you want to sell.

Are you setup to take secure card transactions?

Obviously if you do need to take a payment then is your website ready and set up to take secure card transactions? If not, then that is something that needs to be taken into consideration before the event registration process is set up.

Who needs to know who has registered?

If you have a caterer that needs to know certain requirements for meals, they may need to know who is attending. If you’ve got a wedding you’re taking reservations for, for a R.S.V.P format, certainly there will be a number of different parties in the wedding planning process that will want to know who has registered and who hasn’t. Again, those who are concerned on the attendee limits of an event, they will also want to know who is registered as well prior to the event.

Do you want to target market to past attendees?

That is something else to consider, because obviously once the event’s taken place, time can pass pretty quickly and you may lose that moment of actually catching the attendees attention to maybe re-attend or go to a different sort of event afterwards. So having the thought process to communicate with them after the event and target them specifically will actually then give you a better chance of them opting into future other events. This is best to have it all arranged and organised prior to the registration process starting.

Have you got offers to provide for future events?

Have you got any offers to provide for the future events? Again, if you do have other events in the pipeline then you may want to set a special 10 percent off, or a coupon of some sort. Best again to have this all set up prior to the event taking place.

Outline – What is Event Registration?

Event Details

Now, in terms of the actual event process in it’s most simplest format the event details is the first page that is shown. And the details, well some of the details that certainly need to be on there are the dates, the location, and the cost of the event, even if this is free. There are certainly many other sort of details you can include obviously an image, quotes, any feedback from previous events. Just any sort of information that you may want to provide to possible attendees that may entice them and get them to actually sign up and attend.

Event Registration

The next page that’s part of the event registration process is to actually allow the user to select which ticket they want to register for, as you may have an option. Once they’ve actually selected that option, the user then needs to be able to complete the details that you want them to complete.

Event Checkout

Once they’ve submitted those details the next page is to go to the checkout and the user needs to confirm the details they have entered are correct and they are happy and ready to proceed with payment.

Event Payment

The payment is then taken by the user entering their card details or if there is some other payment gateway in place like a cryptocurrency in place.

Event Confirmation

And then the fifth and final page, roughly in the process, is the actual confirmation and thank you that the registration has been completed and accepted the payment has been taken.

That is a very short summary of what the event process is but if you have any further questions, or if you would like your event registration process setting up or any further web development that you may require, you can then certainly contact us here with all your details.

Camp Registration – Sharon Community Education

Sharon Community Education was designed by Ella J Designs and developed in collaboration with Cosmik Carrot. We were contacted to develop the event registration function, and student profiles for the new website for Sharon Community Education.

Sharon Community Education is a self-supporting branch of the Sharon Public Schools, based in Massachusetts, USA.  The aim of the new website was for SCE to be in control of their classes for sale, and to vastly improve the overall registration process for parents with their children.

As part of the new Sharon Community Education website, they required summer camp registration, student activities, music lessons, and trip events, to be easily accessible so parents could easily complete registration for each of the events online. The key requirement for each of the events was to improve the administration registration, and to vastly reduce the paperwork. By allowing the parents to complete the registration forms online including important parental approval documents, medical forms, and permissions, this has now improved the process for both parents, students, and Sharon Community Education, as a whole. The community overall has been delighted with the improvements, which has provided greater flexibility for everyone.

If you have any camp registration, class trip registrations, and other educational registration that you require designing and developing for your students and parents, then contact us here with all your details.

“A project I was working on used the Event Espresso plugin and I wanted to find a web developer who was reliable, responsive and thorough to set up and configure EE. Ben met all of these requirements and then some.

Ben was always available to answer any questions, met the deadline and went above and beyond during the project. I would highly recommend Ben and would not hesitate to work with him again.”

Food classes – Food At Heart

Food Classes Registration

Food At Heart is a food blog with food classes and experiences, which was designed and developed by Cosmik Carrot. The owner of Food At Heart, ‘Meredith Whitely’ contacted us to seek about adding an event registration function to her existing website, and to speed up her site, but after a free evaluation it was agreed that a complete rebuild of the site was the best long term approach.

Food At Heart is a fun, interesting, and creative way of reading the regular updates about new food recipes for you to try out and enjoy. Food At Heart also comprises of putting on some selective classes and tours for you to experience, and other’s across the country for you to seek out. The aim of the new website was for Meredith to be in control of the classes, tours, and experiences that she wanted to advertise, and to vastly improve the overall speed of her site.

The new navigation layout has made the Food At Heart website far more successful to navigate around all the intricacies of Meredith’s new website so she can cater for all the niches of her Food At Heart brand. The development of the website has also meant that it can continue to grow and expand with the development of additional products and the brand. Having that flexibility to continue to add additional content is crucial to keep the flow of traffic to the website.

If you have any food classes or experiences that you require designing and developing for your website, then contact us here with all your details.

“Ben provided great support over the course of the project, especially as some elements changed slightly as things progressed. In addition to adding Event Espresso, he has also greatly improved my site speed and design by changing WordPress themes. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to use Event Espresso on their site.”


Music Classes – Kindermusik With Friends

Music Classes Registration

Kindermusik With Friends was designed and developed by Cosmik Carrot. The owner of Kindermusik With Friends, ‘Kim Shiely’ originally contacted us to just add an event registration function to her existing website, but after a free evaluation it was agreed that a complete rebuild of the site was the best long term approach.

Kindermusik With Friends is a music and movement program for Newborns through Age Seven, based in Minnesota, USA. The aim of the new website was for Kim to be in control of the amount of classes that were for sale, and to vastly improve the overall registration process for parents with their children. Once a list of requirements were agreed on, the development of the website was undertaken.

Parents can now see clearly in the table schedule when all the different music classes are taking place for each term. Whether its music and movement classes for newborns, to drop off classes, or to parties, all the information is now displayed clearly on the Kindermusik With Friends website, with a simple unique booking process for parents.

There was also some other additional elements for attendees to view their classes on the site, following their confirmation email of their classes booked. The additional web development has created the improved user experience for class bookings, and interact with other areas of the website in a more friendly way. Class bookings are up on previous years, and they are looking to add more classes for expansion.

If you have any after music classes that you require designing and developing for your students, then contact us here with all your details.

“Great job! Listened well to needs and helped come up with solutions. Recommended!”

Art Classes – Joanne Parkinson

Art Classes Registration

Joanne Parkinson was developed to allow event registration for her creative art classes down under in Melbourne, Australia. The aim of the Joanne Parkinson website, was to bring her art classes on-line so attendees can register for them for an easy booking process for each art class and workshops. Previously, Joanne had used other third party websites, and social sites, but this didn’t give her the control that she wanted for all of her classes. So after a free consultation with Cosmik Carrot, we agreed that Event Espresso would be the best addition to her site to take on-board for all of her classes.

The additional web development has created the improved user experience for class bookings, and interact with other areas of the website in a more artistic manner. Class bookings have increased, and Joanne is looking to add more classes to suit the demand for her clients. The improved user experience, has provided a lot of positive feedback from her clients. Joanne is also considering other uses for selling ticketed events for some new services to expand her business, which will mean that she won’t need to use other third party services and be able to reduce her expenses.

Joanne’s members can now see clearly when all the different art classes and workshops are taking place all year round. Whether its workshop classes for specific groups, or overseas art trips, all the information is now displayed clearly on the Joanne Parkinson website, with a simple booking process for her members. If you have any art classes that you require designing and developing for your members, then contact us with all your details.

“Fantastic work from Ben. He was very thorough and patient. If you need an Event Expresso expert – he is your guy! A++++++”

Art School Classes – Art Around The Corner

Art School Classes Registration

Art Around The Corner was designed and developed in collaboration with Slide Arts Graphic Design in Nebraska. The aim of Art Around The Corner, was to bring their classes on-line so parents can register their children for their art class to enable an easy booking process for each class. Parents can now see clearly in the calendar when all the different art classes are taking place for each term. Whether its workshop classes for specific ages, to mini art camps, or to parties, all the information is now displayed clearly on the Art Around The Corner website, with simple booking process for parents.

The additional web development has created the improved user experience for class bookings, and interact with other areas of the website in a more artistic manner to help parents and children. Class bookings have increased, and Art around the corner is looking to add more classes to suit the demand for the parents and children. The improved user experience, has provided a lot of positive feedback from both parents and children. Art around the corner are also thinking of other uses for selling other ticketed event services for parents and children alike, and get the local community more involved in some of the activities.

If you have any after school classes that you require designing and developing for your students, then contact us with all your details, and then we’ll be happy to get back to you to finalise those requirements.

“Ben was a miracle worker and hero of the day for me on my Event Espresso project. I could not have finished the job without him. He is kind, helpful, courteous and a great guy! I will DEFINITELY be using him again the future!”

Health Centre – Express Travel Clinic

Health Centre Booking

Express Travel Clinic invited Cosmik Carrot back to develop their website with a new design and layout for their Health Centre’s across London.

The key goals were to have the buttons for booking and phoning the clinic towards the top of the page, so it would increase the simplified booking process. They also wanted their locations of clinics across London on the home page for clients to understand their geographical location on the map. Along with many other improvements, the prominence of the Express Travel Clinic blog, and their Twitter feed was delivered to give the latest global health news for anyone travelling in the world.

The development of their website has enabled an easier customer experience for users on making a booking over the phone with the simple call to action. It has also enabled the increase in customer bookings for each of the health centre clinic’s across London with the bookings via the website, and over the phone. The fresh new content that Express Travel Clinic can add will also keep the website fresh for users to return and view.

If you have a medical centre that you require designing and developing to suit the best needs of your clients, then contact us with all your details.

“Ben has been an absolute pleasure to work with, so much so that I will continue to work with him on future projects. Throughout the project life-cycle, Ben has been communicative, responsive and above all knowledgeable. He was always quick to respond to queries. He is an excellent web design professional with a wide array of talents and expertise, and I would have no qualms in recommending him to others.”

Jamboree Registration – Australian Girl Guides

Summer Camp Registration

Leesa Kennedy of GCWeb contacted Cosmik Carrot to co-develop the jamboree registration for the Australian Girl Guides Great Bunya Gathering to enable the girl guides to register via their parents online. The overall goal from Leesa was to create an easy jamboree registration process, that would capture all the information that the organiser’s required for the large event.

The Australian Girl Guides had a manual administration process in place and wanted to bring the event registration to their website to bring their administration process up to date. The main requirement from their brief was for their girl guide’s parents to have no problem registering online with all of their relevant details for the jamboree registration.

This was developed and integrated for the Australian Girl Guides in a quick turn around, and has now improved the event registration process, improved the time efficiency greatly for their girl guides, and also reduced their administration vastly with everything being online.

Some of the benefits of online registration:

  • Convenient, Efficient and Paperless
  • Accurate information recorded
  • Great customer experience

If you have an upcoming jamboree registration that you want to bring up to date, and have the registration completed on your website, then contact us with your jamboree registration requirements. Following your requirements, we’ll reply back to you with the next step in the process for designing and developing a successful jamboree registration.

“Sincerely grateful for the attention to detail you gave our Event Espresso Project Ben! We will definitely use your services again should we require assistance with this software!”

Membership Events – Irish Network Boston

Membership Events Registration

The Irish Network Boston (INB) approached Cosmik Carrot to get the integration setup for people to join their INB membership events, and then allow them to register for their INB events in the Boston community. The web development of their website encompassed all of their requirements. One of the requirements was to ensure that the purchase of tickets was done through the INB website, without members having to leave the website. Another requirement, was to make sure that only members could be allowed to purchase the membership price range of tickets.

The opening launch party for their St. Patrick’s Day event was a roaring success for INB. The membership community all joined INB before hand from the beginning of March, and then purchased their tickets for the event. This is a very effective way of gathering members for your society/group/community when the member to be wants to join an event. Overall the feedback from the Irish Network Boston and its members has been extremely positive. They are also looking at ticketing other events to raise more funds for the organisation, instead of using third party services, which will in turn reduce their expenses.

If you have a private membership organisation website that you require designing and developing for your members, then contact us here with all your details, and then we’ll certainly get back to you to finalise your development requirements.

“Ben was a lifesaver – I needed to get some work done quickly to launch a public site. Ben was extremely professional and was quick to understand the need and produce results. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Food Festival – Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest

Food Festival Registration

In collaboration with Belvoir Media, Cosmik Carrot was asked to help out on some specific customisation for the new Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest tickets.

As part of the ‘Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest’ website, the functionality for wannabe attendees to purchase their tickets to the next nearest fest by them was customised, so that their user experience was more fluid to enable them to purchase multiple tickets in one process. This has resulted in a far greater success rate in attendee numbers with an increase in ticket sales.

There was also some other additional elements for attendees to access their tickets on the site, following their confirmation email of their tickets purchased. The additional web development has created the improved user experience to purchase tickets, and interact with the festival website in a more natural way. Numbers are up on previous years, and there is already an appetite for the festival next year, with an increase in the ‘Gluten Free’ sector. The owners of the festival have also been asked to look at running a similar other festival.

If you have any upcoming Food Festival’s that you require your attendee’s to purchase tickets prior to your food fest, then contact us here with all your details.

“We needed some customisation done on Event Espresso to make it fit our needs. Ben worked with us to understand our needs and get the work done before the deadline. We’ll certainly continue to work with Cosmik Carrot as we continue to evolve the tool and our business.”