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Chatbots For Business For Successful Opportunities

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A Chatbot For Your Business Will Make You More Successful

We keep hearing all the time about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to replace us (humans), and how it’s going to change the future.

There are many ways that is happening across the World currently, but we are just focusing on the AI of ‘Chatbots’ in this post, and how you can use a chatbot for successful opportunities in your business.

Why Are Chatbots Essential For Business?

There are many reasons why chatbots are essential for business.

Businesses of all different shapes and sizes have growing demands on their owners and team online, as well as offline. What better way to invest in a new piece of tech that can grow with your business.

Here are some examples;

  1. Let the chatbot take the heavy lifting off some of the most basic, repetitive questions for customer service.
  2. Give your customers the upfront information that they crave.
  3. Allow customers to make bookings.
  4. Engage with your customers with information, offers, invites etc.
  5. Lead magnets across the web and social media to bring engagement with customers.

What Businesses Use Chatbots?

Here are some real business basic examples;

Type Of BusinessesChatbot Solution Ideas
Realtor/Real EstateSales leads for Premium Listings
RestaurantMenu Details/Orders
Beauty SalonAppointment booking
DentistBooking/Common Questions
Garage/Auto RepairAppointment booking
GymConnect with Members/Reminders
E-Commerce StoreGuide Users to Products
Personal Trainer/CoachConnect with Members/Reminders
PodcastGrow Subscribers
SurveyCustomer Feedback

Best Chatbots For Small Businesses

The best chatbots for small businesses ultimately depend on what you’re trying to achieve. There are few limitations.

This may be a lead magnet to offer a free download guide.

Alternatively, it could be answering some popular questions that new customers ask at a high level.

There isn’t a one size fits all approach.

It’s about what solutions we are trying to apply to your business, your customers, and the process overall for both parties.

What Is The Purpose Of Chatbots?

The purpose is always going to be about providing the best solution to the problem that you are trying to overcome that can grow and expand with your business.

Even if the most simplest purpose of a chatbot is to give you more ‘time’ back, by answering common customer questions.

Why Chatbots For Business?

Chatbots are not just the new piece of tech to add to your website, like the old ‘Live Chat’ addition to a website where you needed a human administrator to answer queries through the live chat.

No, this is all about ‘Omnichannel Marketing’ with the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and automation. 

Every business owner wants to give that personal one-to-one experience for every customer and potential customers. Chatbots are now the very answer in giving business owner’s the ability to embrace conversational marketing, and at scale.

Good business always comes down to speaking to your target audience, and the tone and dialogue flow is exactly what can be encapsulated into your custom bot for your business.

Why Do Businesses Need Chatbots?

The need for a chatbot will present itself if you already have growth within your business, or are looking to grow and scale up the operation and customer base that you serve.

We can build that custom chatbot for your business to answer common customer questions as part of your customer support, and guide them to exactly where you want the customer to end up. This could be to source information, make a financial transaction, or provide further data that you are requesting from them.

‘Automation’ is one of the biggest draws into embracing a chatbot for your conversational marketing experience for your business.

As most businesses have their representation across several web and social platforms (website, email, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc), it is hard for business owners to keep track of how everything is working together in harmony. Your very own chatbot can bring all those customers into the exact dialogue flow that you want them to join.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot For Business

At Carrot Carrot we build you a custom chatbot that provides the use of the Facebook Messenger app for customers that are already logged into Facebook.

For customers that are logged into Facebook, this allows us to give that instant personalisation to them. Stronger personalisation will always give you the upper hand in forging new customer relationships over your business competitors.

We also recognise that not every potential customer or client is on Facebook. This is why we provide you with an Omnibot that allows you to talk to all customers, as well as those on Facebook.

We will be adding the inclusion of the chatbot for Whatsapp business at a later date and other messaging apps in the future, so your business omnibot can reach even more customers. This is great for the future not limiting your business to just Facebook Messenger.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Making Chatbots Better For Businesses

Overtime the more customers that interact with your business chatbot, the more data you can gather from the questions or text they provide. Using that data enables us to strengthen your bot to answer that type of query from another customer if they were to ask a similar question in the future.

The AI in chatbots for your business can become really powerful, and with that new strength allows the business owner to focus on building other areas of their business. 

How Chatbots Can Transform Your Business

Whether your business is a large company organisation, or a small local business, a chatbot is a great investment into your business. The benefits of chatbots for business are overwhelmingly positive on every level.

Implementing chatbots for businesses is what we do best after a conversational marketing consultation with us.

We work directly with your business to work out the voices and original ideas that you want to get across with your customers.

The words matter in the dialogue of each chatbot, and by getting the tone of voice for the business right we will together deliver the best stories to your customers.

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