COVID-19 Business Update

by Mar 22, 2020Business

“Our business operations will continue to operate as normal.

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Following the developing global pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 around the World, we just wanted to provide an update on our business operations and some tips for all our clients through this health and economic crisis.

COVID-19 Pandemic

First of all, we want to say that our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by this crisis situation in all its forms. We also hope you, your family and friends remain safe and well during this unprecedented time.

If there is any way we can help your business or organisation out through this pandemic with a range of web services to communicate to your customers, then please contact us.

Business Update

Secondly, we want to say that our business operations will continue as normal for us.

We have been operating as a remote company from a position of working from home with remote working for over 12 years now. So as long as we continue to have an internet connection, our business will continue for the foreseeable future. 

We’ve always seen this as a huge business strength in being able to adapt when required to, depending on what challenges can be thrown up in business and home life.

In light of this update, we’re providing a check list of items that you may want to implement for your business depending on how you are being impacted.

Communication Checklist

  • Add temporary hours to Google My Business
  • Add a short post to Google My Business that gives a statement of your availability and activity
  • Take this same information and use it to create a blog post
  • Bonus points are provided for a heart-felt video embedded into the post
  • Update your website contact page with your temporary hours (add these and don’t take away the existing hours)

Items to Proactively Communicate to Customers

  • Are your offices open
  • Staff availability
  • Hours of operation
  • Safety of in-person activity
  • What can still be done online
  • Interruptions to services or product shipments
  • Status quo services and product shipments (aka what isn’t being altered)
  • Instructions for how customers can alter existing appointments with you
  • Is it still safe to <insert your activity with clients>
  • Event changes or delays
  • Cancellation policies if applicable
  • A reminder that this situation is constantly changing and more updates will be coming from you


Following the sudden surge in businesses working from home this week with remote teams and remote workers. Following many years of experience in remote working, we’ve compiled a short list of our top recommended service providers to ease you through this new way of working.

Video meetings – Zoom

For all your online meetings with customers and colleagues, Zoom will provide you with a fantastic range of tools and plans to support you at this current time during self-isolation from your team. 

Team communication – Slack

When operating in a team with plenty of messages going back and forth, the last thing you want to use is email. Check out Slack for a revolution in communication.

Kanban boards – Trello

Missing the white board at the office already? 

No problem, Trello will be your new white board to process your items that need to be completed.

Project management – Teamwork

Teamwork is an excellent work and project management tool that helps teams improve collaboration, visibility, accountability and ultimately results.

If you require any help or training with the pros and cons of getting your business or organisation setup with new web tools to help you with remote working, then please contact us.

Finally, stay at home, stay safe and well, and we will all come through this pandemic.