Dance Tickets Registration

At the beginning of June 2013, Cosmik Carrot was asked to customise dance tickets for the user experience for the Australia Salsa Open and their competitors and spectators. Development and integration was undertaken with Event Espresso.

Working with the team at Australia Salsa Open, we got all of the tickets set up for each event in a short timespan across the areas of Victoria, Melbourne, & Sydney. This enabled the tickets to be sold to spectators, and various dance studios who were able to promote the event with special promo codes.

The key part of the development was the intuitive user experience for the competitors to purchase all the types of tickets that they needed to purchase in order for them to compete. For all those competitors that wanted to bring their family and friends to watch them compete, the user experience is also improved for those spectators to purchase their tickets.

If you are looking to provide event registration for your dance classes on your website, then contact us here, and we’ll take it from there with your requirements.

“Ben was a real pleasure to work with, and a real expert in his field. We look forward to working with him again in the near future.”