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Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing

Facebook messenger chatbot marketing is now the future for qualified leads, customer support, and marketing for the next level in your business.

There used to be a time when a potential customer would look through a business directory, look for the category of services that they were looking to hire, select a business, and then dial a phone number to make contact.

Those days are long gone as the main way of how potential clients make contact with a business. Even the use of email is on the decline, and with the growth of mobile usage, client’s are consistently looking for a more speedier and instantaneous response from a business.

Live Chat

Live chat apps have been around for sometime, but the user experience on a business website has always been one of a mixed experience. Some businesses managed to grasp it, and take advantage of it. However, for those that didn’t, the potential client that was trying to connect with the business usually ended up in frustration, and a lost lead to the business.

We’ve all been there, where you’ve tried to make an instant connection for a particular service, and in the end you’ve been left so frustrated, that you will probably never go back to them again.

Now time for the future of live chat…

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Facebook Messenger App


A Chatbot is an automated live chat app that works 24/7 without the need of any human interaction.

To put that in context, you can capture all future customer enquiries every time, each and everyone lands on your website.

That is unheard of in terms of capturing a high return of generated leads.

Next, a Chatbot can basically be you.

Custom Chatbot

You know your business better than anyone else, and you know your top set of questions that you always get asked. So, using the power of the Chatbot, all of those questions can be pre-loaded, along with the pre-populated potential answers too.

This saves the client time, as you’ve already pre-determined what they were going to say. It give the client the speed in response that they were looking for. Also, it tells the client you know your business and what you can offer to them, along with keeping their attention span on concluding a successfully generated lead for your business.

What is chatbot marketing?

We use the Facebook messenger API and built in tools, this provides you with a potential audience of over 2 billion users to interact with your bot. This provides several entry points for users to interact with your bot. We provide different models and pricing structures to suit your business. See Omnichannel Marketing.

At the end of the day, businesses want to engage and connect with people to become a customer. Sending a one-way message has been the norm for far too long.

The messenger chatbot is the answer in that two-way dialogue to connect with people. This engagement and connection can vastly increase that conversion of that person becoming a new customer.

Email marketing open rates

If you’re using a traditional email campaign to interact with your mailing list audience, then ask yourself ‘What is your Open Rate?’

It’s likely that your open rate is less than 5%. If so, this is terrible for the amount of time and effort that you put into creating content for your customers.

According to Mailchimp in March 2018, “The average open rate for all industries we analysed is 20.81%”. Personally, I think that’s way too low, and not good enough for communicating with clients.

Click-through rate

Mailchimp also looked at the important statistics of the Click Through Rate. Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement.

“The average click rate for all industries we looked at is 2.43%”.

Personally, again we think this is abysmal. That is why we are now moving up to the next level in digital marketing with our Omnichannel Marketing.

Facebook Messenger Ads

With over 2 billion potential customers waiting to do business with you, it’s understandable why Facebook is so popular for businesses. However, following a change in the news feed algorithm in 2018, business pages now have less priority. It is now harder to gain more new clients through the standard business page, as it’s harder to get a free message in other people’s news feeds.

This now means Facebook can generate more revenue through ads from businesses, by businesses looking to get their message into a potential customers news feed via an ad.

The problem with pay per click adverts is that the return on investment has been relatively poor in recent years. Having to pay for a potential customer to visit your website, to then have them leave soon after, is not the desired result. Yet, this is the most likely outcome from pay per click adverts.

Now for our Facebook Chatbot

Taking advantage of the new Facebook Ad settings means that we can now send interactive and engaging messages to a new user from the moment that a potential customer engages with our chatbot. This is unheard of. This suddenly makes Google Ads seem very outdated, when you try and figure out who your clients are from their Analytics.

Once a user engages with our chatbot, you can then send them several messages in the first 24 hours, and then only 1 more the next day. These are Facebooks rules. We also have our technique to deploy to users without appearing as spam.

Lead qualification

Through the use of the Chatbot, we can get customers to become a new contact. Once they are a contact, you can then message them as many times as you like. The beauty of messenger is that the email address is already inputted for the user from their Facebook account. Therefore, we only need them to confirm their email address is correct, rather than getting them to input that information again. This saves more time for the user, and keeps their engagement higher.

It’s like having a salesperson under each of your adverts and getting a customers contact details every single time. The contact details that were not captured, were not qualified leads in the first place. This saves time for both parties, and alleviates any bottlenecks in wasting time on poor leads for a business.

Messenger on Android

Future of Email Marketing

Following the poor open rates, and click-through rates for email marketing, the future of email marketing is only going to deteriorate. So, is there a digital marketing tool that can replace your email marketing list?

Yes. Using our Facebook Messenger chatbot, we can now collect a users contact details once they engage with your bot. Then using those consented details, we can send out a message blast. This is very similar to an email blast to your marketing list, but a shortened and more focussed message that is sent via messenger.

Facebook Messenger Open Rates

What are the open rates? I hear you ask.

Well, they are in the region of 60-80%, and in the first hour of sending the message. These stats are rarely heard of. This is all because we are taking advantage of the new technology that Facebook have provided, and its large user base. Most importantly, this is how users are now using their smartphone devices, and are interacting with potential businesses. There is going to be huge growth in this sector for businesses.

Coupons, Discounts, Promotions

Whether its through an initial Facebook Ad to get a user to engage with your business, or through direct message blasts to a customer, both are achievable through the messenger platform.

Messenger chatbot customer support

Chatbot Customer Service

Through our Omnichannel Marketing service to you, your chatbot on your website, and facebook business page, also acts as a new customer service operator for your business.

This works by you knowing your business, and the types questions that you regularly get asked about. As humans, we can certainly predict and have the foresight to have answers ready for certain questions.

Chatbot questions

If a user was to ask, “what time are your hours?”. We can pre-load an answer for your business that not only indicates the details of your operating hours, but also a specific page link that could take them directly to your map page. This answer is instantly provided to the user, so they haven’t had to wait for a reply. The answer is also well-informative, and can provided 24/7 automatically, while you can focus on your business more.

We can build up your landing pages to represent each service of your business. Each one can be connected and promoted as and when with your chatbot.

Connect with people

What if a user asks a more detailed question? Well, we can consistently build-up on your chatbot with more questions and answers each month.

If you have a user is messaging something that does need your human response from, then all you have to do is to jump into messenger and step into the conversation. After you step out of messenger, the bot will resume working as normal.

Get your own Chatbot

If you would like to have your own chatbot for your business or organisation, then Contact Us here.

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