Food Classes Registration

Food At Heart is a food blog with food classes and experiences, which was designed and developed by Cosmik Carrot. The owner of Food At Heart, ‘Meredith Whitely’ contacted us to seek about adding an event registration function to her existing website, and to speed up her site, but after a free evaluation it was agreed that a complete rebuild of the site was the best long term approach.

Food At Heart is a fun, interesting, and creative way of reading the regular updates about new food recipes for you to try out and enjoy. Food At Heart also comprises of putting on some selective classes and tours for you to experience, and other’s across the country for you to seek out. The aim of the new website was for Meredith to be in control of the classes, tours, and experiences that she wanted to advertise, and to vastly improve the overall speed of her site.

The new navigation layout has made the Food At Heart website far more successful to navigate around all the intricacies of Meredith’s new website so she can cater for all the niches of her Food At Heart brand. The development of the website has also meant that it can continue to grow and expand with the development of additional products and the brand. Having that flexibility to continue to add additional content is crucial to keep the flow of traffic to the website.

If you have any food classes or experiences that you require designing and developing for your website, then contact us here with all your details.

“Ben provided great support over the course of the project, especially as some elements changed slightly as things progressed. In addition to adding Event Espresso, he has also greatly improved my site speed and design by changing WordPress themes. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to use Event Espresso on their site.”