Food Festival Registration

In collaboration with Belvoir Media, Cosmik Carrot was asked to help out on some specific customisation for the new Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest tickets.

As part of the ‘Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest’ website, the functionality for wannabe attendees to purchase their tickets to the next nearest fest by them was customised, so that their user experience was more fluid to enable them to purchase multiple tickets in one process. This has resulted in a far greater success rate in attendee numbers with an increase in ticket sales.

There was also some other additional elements for attendees to access their tickets on the site, following their confirmation email of their tickets purchased. The additional web development has created the improved user experience to purchase tickets, and interact with the festival website in a more natural way. Numbers are up on previous years, and there is already an appetite for the festival next year, with an increase in the ‘Gluten Free’ sector. The owners of the festival have also been asked to look at running a similar other festival.

If you have any upcoming Food Festival’s that you require your attendee’s to purchase tickets prior to your food fest, then contact us here with all your details.

“We needed some customisation done on Event Espresso to make it fit our needs. Ben worked with us to understand our needs and get the work done before the deadline. We’ll certainly continue to work with Cosmik Carrot as we continue to evolve the tool and our business.”