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Google Cloud London Data Centre Outage

After 14 years in business, we experienced our first ever Force Majeure event yesterday, and hopefully our last.

At 17:15 BST on 19th July 2022, our partner ‘Google Cloud’ suffered a ‘cooling related failure’ for our London data centre, which transpired in a widespread outage for all services with millions of customer websites and email accounts affected. 

See confirmation of Google Cloud outage –

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This has also been reported in Business Insider –

And The Register –

This transpired with websites and email going down for all other clients using our London data centre, including our email account.

Our tweet this morning – Tweet –

We explicitly apologise for the inconvenience that this outage has caused our clients, but this is something that was completely out of control, and was also sadly experienced by a huge amount of other customers globally that were using the same London data centre.

Google Cloud is the best of the best in terms of infrastructure, and has been a solid partner to our business for our clients for many, many years. However, even their infrastructure had this outage following the extreme heatwave in the UK yesterday, due to the cooling related failure at the data centre.

Following the repair overnight at the London data centre, the disaster recovery procedure was initiated with the servers now restored at our Amsterdam data centre temporarily until the London data centre is fully operational again.

We will notify you once the server has been transferred back to the London data centre.

We will be doing a thorough review in due course to see what measures we can possibly put in place in the future, and learn from any lessons from this awful experience.

We understand this is not the hosting service you expect, and we can only apologise for the inconvenience caused to your website due to the outage at the London data centre.

If you have sent any email to us since 17:15 BST on 19th July 2022, then please send again and we will reply to you in due course.

UPDATE 22nd July 2022 – The server is now fully working and operational again from our London Data Centre.

Cosmik Carrot.

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