Health Centre Booking

Express Travel Clinic invited Cosmik Carrot back to develop their website with a new design and layout for their Health Centre’s across London.

The key goals were to have the buttons for booking and phoning the clinic towards the top of the page, so it would increase the simplified booking process. They also wanted their locations of clinics across London on the home page for clients to understand their geographical location on the map. Along with many other improvements, the prominence of the Express Travel Clinic blog, and their Twitter feed was delivered to give the latest global health news for anyone travelling in the world.

The development of their website has enabled an easier customer experience for users on making a booking over the phone with the simple call to action. It has also enabled the increase in customer bookings for each of the health centre clinic’s across London with the bookings via the website, and over the phone. The fresh new content that Express Travel Clinic can add will also keep the website fresh for users to return and view.

If you have a medical centre that you require designing and developing to suit the best needs of your clients, then contact us with all your details.

“Ben has been an absolute pleasure to work with, so much so that I will continue to work with him on future projects. Throughout the project life-cycle, Ben has been communicative, responsive and above all knowledgeable. He was always quick to respond to queries. He is an excellent web design professional with a wide array of talents and expertise, and I would have no qualms in recommending him to others.”