Health Clinic Booking Form

Express Travel Clinic, Harman Bhamra contacted Cosmik Carrot to develop their Health Clinic Booking Form process for their three clinic’s around London.

Each of the Express Travel Clinic’s needed to be able to take bookings on their website separately and have confirmation go to the clinic and the customer. Their clients now have the ability to turn up to a confirmed booking for any travel vaccinations with the team at each clinic having the vaccinations ready for the booking. It has also enabled the increase in customer bookings for each of the health centre clinic’s across London with the bookings via the website, instead of over the phone. Development of the booking process has enabled an easier customer experience and proved to be worthwhile for the clinic.

This is great for any other health clinics similar to the booking form that Express Travel Clinic provide for their clients. The bookings can be customised and developed so they can always deliver the correct vaccinations & advice for their clients when they arrive, and deliver the best care in London, UK. Express Travel Clinic are looking to see what other services they can now provide through their website.

If you have a health clinic website that you require designing and developing for your clients, then contact us here with all your details, and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

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