Opera Theatre Tickets

W11 Opera got in touch with us to customise their user experience for their opera theatre tickets for their upcoming shows.

The theatre ticket buttons needed to be more appealing to their customers to have the purchase of tickets more accessible and a more user friendly process.

Visit – W11 Opera

There was also other additional elements developed for attendees to access their tickets on the site, following their confirmation email of their tickets purchased. Having the additional web development has created the improved user experience to purchase tickets, and interact with the London Opera website in a more fluent way. Feedback from the organisation and its customers has been overwhelmingly positive. W11 Opera are also thinking of other ways that they can use the ticketed service for other event ideas, so they don’t have to use other third party services. This will also reduce their expenses with having the ticketed service in-house.

If you are looking to provide ticket registration for your theatre shows on your website, then contact us here, and we’ll take it from there with your requirements. If you are looking for e-ticket distribution, and barcode scanning on entry, then these requirements can be delivered as part of our service.

“Ben was great, We briefed him on our requirements and he made the changes that we needed in a really quick time. Well worth the time and money spent; we will definitely use him again if we need any other Espresso customisations. Thanks so much.”