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Membership – Association of Voluntary Service Managers

The membership website for the Association of Voluntary Service Managers was designed and developed by Cosmik Carrot, as their previous website required a rebuild. Association of Voluntary Service Managers is a national membership organisation for anyone managing volunteers in hospice or palliative care settings, based in the United Kingdom. The webmaster of AVSM ‘Keelan Early’ wanted to improve their website for a better user experience for the organisation, and its members.

The AVSM members can now purchase their membership online and any future event tickets, through their website. Overall, the new website provides better functionality for both the committee and its membership users to communicate across the country. More effective communication has been amplified with their new members forum, which is run off the back of Slack. This means that their members can stay in conversation across all their responsive devices, and on the move across the country.

If you have a membership website that you require designing and developing for your clients, then contact us here with all your details.

Having worked alongside other website developers in the past, we have been unfortunate to have been subject to poor communication and a poor standard of client service.

Ben has been absolutely refreshing to work with – he listened to our requests and dreams of what we would like in a website. He gave us sound, evidence-based advice that shaped how the website looks today. As a transparent but complex membership network, understanding how AVSM works and how the website can add value to our members is quite difficult but Ben took the time to get to know why we needed certain things and why we needed them in a certain manner.

Although the website looks relatively straightforward, the complexity of the network means that it is complicated in the backend but Ben has made it work fluently and efficiently. We have big plans for AVSM and the website, and continued development of the website, is integral to that.

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