Membership Events Registration

The Irish Network Boston (INB) approached Cosmik Carrot to get the integration setup for people to join their INB membership events, and then allow them to register for their INB events in the Boston community. The web development of their website encompassed all of their requirements. One of the requirements was to ensure that the purchase of tickets was done through the INB website, without members having to leave the website. Another requirement, was to make sure that only members could be allowed to purchase the membership price range of tickets.

The opening launch party for their St. Patrick’s Day event was a roaring success for INB. The membership community all joined INB before hand from the beginning of March, and then purchased their tickets for the event. This is a very effective way of gathering members for your society/group/community when the member to be wants to join an event. Overall the feedback from the Irish Network Boston and its members has been extremely positive. They are also looking at ticketing other events to raise more funds for the organisation, instead of using third party services, which will in turn reduce their expenses.

If you have a private membership organisation website that you require designing and developing for your members, then contact us here with all your details, and then we’ll certainly get back to you to finalise your development requirements.

“Ben was a lifesaver – I needed to get some work done quickly to launch a public site. Ben was extremely professional and was quick to understand the need and produce results. It was a pleasure working with him.”