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Here are all the posts we have written about Membership Management as a web developer for our client’s projects. Each of the posts detail how a client has required some sort of mangement for their membership and their members. Each web site has had our finest custom web development to exceed our client’s requirements for their web site. To elaborate on membership management, this would entail anything from having members join different membership levels, to each member having different levels of access so they can access only what their membership allows. If you are looking to have membership subscriptions with different payment structures like weekly, monthly, or annual payments, then these can be implemented as per your requirements. The payments are taken automatically as part of their membership subscription from each member at the agreed time of when they joined your membership. We can provide further details on payment structures prior to development, and the costs that are incurred as part of the payment gateway with the likes of Stripe and Paypal.

All types of organisations and business can have their own membership functionality on their WordPress website with some custom WordPress development by Cosmik Carrot.

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