Membership Website Ideas: 11 Benefits of MemberPress

Membership Website Ideas: 11 Benefits of MemberPress

Membership sites have long been a popular revenue channel for businesses. It’s also captured the imagination of famous brands, with the likes of Khan Academy, Brilliant, and Mathway making waves.

Even the New York Times realised membership subscriptions were the best way for their newspaper to thrive in the online space.

To start a membership site, you’ll need a build tool. This guide will walk you through eleven fantastic benefits of MemberPress and how to use it to turn your membership website ideas into a reality.

1. Ease of Integrating With Third-Party Tools

It’s rare to see a tool nowadays that is entirely standalone. The interconnectedness of technology means we need tools that fully integrate.

MemberPress makes this integration easy, so you won’t need advanced development skills to get your systems talking to each other. It means you can connect your membership site to other crucial business tools.

Take payment gateways, for example. A gateway integrated with MemberPress lets your customers buy and access your membership site seamlessly and without delay.

MemberPress will integrate with popular tools like email autoresponders and WordPress websites using a membership plugin. By breaking down technical barriers, you can get a fully integrated system right from the start.

2. Pricing Models That Offer Flexibility

Your pricing model will be fundamental to your profit. So you need a membership site that will allow you to set the prices you want, as well as different pricing structures.

MemberPress offers this. For example, you can offer free trials. That’s a great way to boost conversions, allowing potential buyers to try out your membership area before they make a financial commitment.

You can also create a recurring website subscription rather than a one-off payment. So, suppose your membership fee is for an ongoing course. That gives you a stable regular income and allows your customers to pay as they go.

Because setting up these pricing models in the system is easy, you can test them and change them later to improve sales or profitability.

3. Your Content Is Safe

When creating website memberships, you want your content to stay safe.

Course content is the most valuable asset on your membership site. So you must have the proper security, ensuring your content can’t get accessed for free, which could lose you revenue.

It also protects your intellectual property from getting copied and shared elsewhere online. In MemberPress, you can keep all your content restricted via membership level and password security.

That includes articles, downloads, videos, and audio. You can also separate your assets to give extra content access to those on premium membership grades.

It protects your content and provides an incentive for members to upgrade to access the more advanced content.

4. You Have Access to Email Automation

Users expect email notifications and newsletter information when they join a website membership area. It makes your customers feel part of a community, and it also boosts engagement.

You’ll have discovered that scenario if you’ve tried an online course like Duolingo and had an email reminder saying you haven’t logged in recently.

In MemberPress, you can set up emails and notifications in advance and trigger them to send for a particular action or milestone. These emails are helpful for your admin team, too, as they reduce customer inquiries and questions.

For example, the system can send out password resets to avoid you managing user account information directly.

Email is one of the most important features as you scale, as handling communications with thousands of users could become unwieldy.

5. Advanced Reporting Functionality

Reporting tools give you valuable insights that will help you grow your membership area. They are a must-have, and that’s one advantage of MemberPress, as it has a sophisticated reporting platform.

You’ll get analytics providing in-depth details about your user numbers and engagement level. You’ll also get helpful financial information, such as revenue numbers and subscription trends.

This data will help you optimize your course. For example, if engagement levels drop off at a particular point in the course, you could update this content or send email reminders to users.

You can also analyze your subscriptions and compare price points to see which models convert the best and make the most money.

6. They Have an Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a system where third-party individuals or businesses recommend your course in exchange for financial compensation.

It’s a great way to grow because it’s like a formal version of word of mouth, but on a larger scale.

By setting up an affiliate program with a commission, you can attract new subscribers without going through typical marketing steps like running ads.

Plus, there are few better ways to sell your product than when someone recommends you.

MemberPress makes this easy because affiliate setup is integrated into the platform. That means you can set up a reward structure and commission and use it to manage and pay affiliates.

Affiliates get their referral links, and you get rewarded with the sale. It helps you boost your growth without increasing your marketing budget.

7. Easy Setup

When you want to launch a membership site, you probably have lots of ideas floating around in your head about what to include and how it should look. But this can quickly become overwhelming.

You don’t want to get stuck with a mountain of work to upload content and set up complex navigations before you sign a single user. You need a system that’s quick and easy.

MemberPress has a user-friendly interface that makes the setup side a breeze. There are guides to help walk you through each step if you are stuck.

It means you don’t need a massive planning phase or a coding background. You also don’t need to set up complicated configurations.

That’s also ideal if you want to change your course. It’s not a massive overhaul. So you can adapt your membership area fast whenever you want.

8. You Can Introduce Drip Content

Drip content is the term for slow-release content. For example, suppose you launch a live course with a specific start date. You can choose to release individual course modules each week.

That’s a “drip” method of providing course content to your students. Drip content membership site ideas are popular because they keep students engaged.

They also aid in learning, preventing your user from becoming overwhelmed with too much information at once.

They also tend to be highly collaborative, and students find the style more rewarding when they can experience a course simultaneously with their peers.

In MemberPress, you can create this drip content, releasing lessons at a date and time that suits you.

9. You Can Add Coupons

You need incentives that are attractive to your potential customers. One compelling marketing offer is a discount coupon or a special rate. It will help your ads stand out, or you can use it as an exclusive offer with your email list.

MemberPress enables you to do this by adding a feature in the system to create and distribute coupons to your audience. So, you could try a seasonal promotion or a time-limited launch offer to help boost sales.

With the reporting in the system, you can also see how effective these promotions are for your membership site. So you can fine-tune your approach over time to help boost your conversion rate.

10. It’s Highly Customizable

Ambitious businesses have one thing in common: unique ideas for how they deliver their membership site. If you want yours to stand out with innovative features, you need a highly customizable membership platform.

MemberPress offers this. You can alter the design in any way you want, helping you get a look and feel perfectly in keeping with your brand.

You can also change the flow of your membership area, helping to deliver a course structure that aligns with your needs. It means your membership site won’t look like a generic version of many others on the market.

Each touchpoint for the customer will feel like your brand, and it will feel special for your customer.

11. Professional Support

When you have a membership site critical to your business, you need a support team in the background.

If something goes wrong, such as a customer being unable to log in, you must know experts are at hand to fix the problem.

So when you choose a membership-building platform, always look at its customer support model and whether it’s right for you. In MemberPress, the company offers support through different channels.

There is a self-help area with documentation to guide you, plus live chat and email. It means you won’t have to wait long for an answer or spend hours on Google trying to figure out an issue yourself.

What’s more, your customers will experience a more reliable platform that will reflect well on your brand.

Bring Your Membership Website Ideas to Life

If you have an abundance of membership website ideas, it’s time to take the next step. Invest in a marketing-leading membership platform like MemberPress to help get your idea off the ground.

To set MemberPress up on WordPress, contact our expert team at Cosmik Carrot. Our WordPress specialists can help bring your membership idea to life.

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