Phoenix Personal Trainer Registration

Fit In The Middle, Gregg Ghelfi contacted Cosmik Carrot to develop their Phoenix personal trainer tickets for their ‘Boot Camps, Workshops, & Seminars’ based over in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Fit In The Middle Boot Camps needed to be spread over the year with no less than 6 sessions taking place each day, for four days a week. Their clients now have the ability to turn up to a session and completely focus on their workout, while the payment and ticket for the event is now completely covered before the session.

Their 10 week workshops all also planned out over a 10 week period, with all the payment, tickets, and attendee details covered before the first workshop. This means more time focussed entirely on the workshop, and no need to deal with any administration paperwork and cash. The development of the website has also meant that the owner can continue to add new classes across other local areas and trainers to their business. Having that flexibility to continue to add new classes is crucial to keep the flow of traffic to their website. Adding fresh new classes, means that there are more users likely to keep returning to the site to sign up.

This is great for any other personal trainers similar to the Phoenix personal trainer tickets that Fit In The Middle provide for their clients. The sessions can be customised and developed so they can always deliver the best experience for their clients before they arrive, and then deliver the best personal trainer sessions in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

“Ben is very easy to work with, he communicates well and does what he says he is going to do. He got my job done fast and efficiently. Does excellent work. Highly recommended.”