Ranking high again for top dog trainer

Website ranking high again for top dog trainer

SpiritDog Training from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA contacted Cosmik Carrot after they had a six month nightmare experience from a local SEO agency. They were originally expecting to have their website ranking high. However, they had their website traffic completely drop off from the moment they started to work with them, and decided to bring Cosmik Carrot onboard to rectify the situation with their website and strive forwards for more traffic. After a full audit of their site, we came across many issues that we managed to put right one by one. There were a lot of broken links with no 301 redirects in place. It’s always important to ensure that if you change a URL, then you have to ensure that a 301 redirect is in place to make sure the link does not get broken. This can lead to a loss in traffic over time.

We’ve also developed a full learning management system for SpiritDog Training to sell their courses by the dog training expert Steffi Trott. Steffi wanted a more presentable way for her users to view her quality training courses much clearer. She also wanted to be able to have the courses organised from her perspective, and be able to sell them with ease. All of this has been put into place, and the response has been overwhelming. If you require any help with our SEO Services to have your site ranking high again or any WordPress development, then let us know.

“I was as happy as can be with Ben’s work. My website was a piece of work, but he quickly developed a plan what needs to be done and followed through wit it quickly and professionally. He made my website load much faster, optimized the mobile page, optimized my blog structure and Google my Business listing, fixed my contact form and much more. Google did not like my website before he started working on it and only had 5 pages (out of 200) in its index. Within 2 weeks Ben brought this number up to 198. It is clear that he is very skilled in the technical aspect and has a deep and thorough understanding of website development. He is very pleasant to work with. He responded to every single message I sent him quickly, in detail and very politely (I personally am not thrilled when freelancers write to me as though they’re texting a friend – Ben’s communication stood out as always professional and refined). In several video meetings we talked in depth about the work I envision. He is clearly interested in fulfilling all the customer’s ideas and wishes. He does not push any agenda onto the customer and is definitely working towards fulfilling the goals in a manner that is time and cost effective. I would and will hire him again in the future.”
Steffi Trott – SpiritDog Training LLC

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