Research growth rewards for floral boutique

Research growth rewards for floral boutique

Lilla Bello is a stunning boutique florist based in Santa Monica, California, USA. Lilla Bello invited Cosmik Carrot to redevelop their existing website to make a vast array of amendments to make the site tailored for the new services that their business was offering, but not visible online. There were also parts of the existing website and their business structure that need to be removed for shop products that they were no longer offering. Providing competitor analysis of where the competition is in their local area was also a key factor to determine what content was needed across the new website.

From the outset, the keyword research and sitemap structure was fully analysed to see what their clients were searching for. Keyword Research also highlighted new areas and more focussed ways to present their services to potential new clients. We always recommend being led by the data, and having a solid sitemap off the back of it to build the new content. Lilla Bello owner Toby Kassoy also wanted to ensure that the permalink structure was improved for SEO benefits as part of our SEO Services.

Following the website being submitted to the search engines, each of the optimised pages of good quality content ranked very highly from the outset against the competition.

“Ben did an incredible job with our website! His knowledge of SEO was invaluable to us in creating a site that is not only beautiful but efficient and rising in google search engines everyday! We look forward to continuing with Ben for all of our maintenance needs.”
Toby Kassoy – Lilla Bello

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