The Importance of Investing in Website Development During COVID-19

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Around 100,000 businesses have closed because of COVID-19.

The pandemic forced already struggling businesses to close their doors. Businesses that didn’t have an online presence also struggled because they couldn’t find business other than foot traffic. Or they didn’t have website development, which caused their business to shut down. 

With COVID-19 still ravaging cities and businesses, it’s important for businesses to reevaluate their digital marketing services. They need to reevaluate how they are going to conduct business for the rest of 2021 and beyond. 

New health and safety protocols have changed how businesses interact with customers. This is why SEO for a small business is essential, giving consumers the information they need to make a purchase without having to set foot in a store. 

The first part of improving business during COVID-19 is to invest in website development. 

If you’re wondering, “why is a website important for business?” Here’s a guide that explains what website development can do for your business. 

What’s Involved in Website Development?

A lot of factors are involved in website development. It depends on what your goal is as a business. 

If your goal is to attract more website visitors, you want to make sure the website speaks to their needs. This involves having a website that is optimised for a specific market. It’s ultimately designed to engage users so they stay on your website. 

Consider these elements of website development that can give more of an understanding of what they can do for businesses during COVID-19. 

Page Speeds

A website developer will ultimately try to improve user engagement, and there are a few ways they can do this. 

A website developer can improve the loading speeds on your page. They can make sure that it’s a faster and more seamless experience for users when they are jumping from page to page. 

They can boost speed on your desktop and mobile device. Studies show that around 50 percent of users will leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. 

If you want your consumers to stick around your website, you need to make sure that your website loads faster than 3 seconds. 

Website Design

Another critical part of website development is the design and the aesthetic look of your website. 

A website developer can help create colour schemes that are designed to appeal to your target market. They can also use photoshop or graphic design to enhance the appeal of your website. 

User Engagement

Most of all, a website developer can help you improve user engagement. This is critical if you are just creating a website during COVID-19 because you may not know how a website engages with your target market. 

You may be unfamiliar with having a website or how it even appeals to a target market. When you hire a website developer, they will ensure that your website is designed for your target market by creating attractive website pages and content. 

How Does Your Business Benefit With Website Development? 

Your business can benefit from the website in a variety of ways, especially with reaching your target market. If your brick and mortar business is suffering because of COVID-19, now is the time to act and quickly get a website together and optimised for your target market. 

If you’re unsure of what kind of benefits a website can do for your business, here are some benefits of a website to consider.

More Traffic

If you’re wondering, why is a website important for business? You’ll discover that one of the best benefits of investing in website development is that anyone can see your business at any time.

You don’t have to wait for someone to walk into your store to view your products. A website makes your business more visible to your customers. They can window shop on your website, which gives your business more opportunities to sell items. 

When you do have a website, you’ll produce more traffic. You’ll be able to show consumers what you can offer them without having to be at a physical store, which is vital during COVID-19. 

When businesses can’t operate without traffic, they have to figure out ways to keep their business open and maintain sales, which is why producing traffic and showing people that you still have an online presence is critical to your success.

More Leads and Conversions

When you do have a website and it is optimised, you’ll realise that your business can produce more leads and conversions. You’ll be able to produce more revenue. 

Your business won’t be dependent on a physical store, but rather your business will be more flexible during a pandemic. 

When you have an online presence and it’s your website is optimised, it allows you to connect with customers who are online and quarantining. It gives your business an opportunity to thrive during pandemics.

That’s why you have to realise that optimising your website during a pandemic not only gives your business support when nobody is shopping indoors but also prepares your business for a new set of customers after the pandemic is over. 

Is Your Website Ready to Reach Customers During COVID-19?

Recognising the value of website development is essential to any business, especially during a pandemic. It gives your business more flexibility to reach customers that might not otherwise be able to shop at your business. 

A website also gives your business an opportunity to transform itself and be prepared for a change in how consumers shop after the pandemic is over, especially if some people are hesitant to shop indoors in fear of catching something deadly. 

If you want website development and design for your business, you can contact us here.

E-commerce in a Remarkable New COVID19 World

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For over 12 years I’ve been talking about the necessity of the online business model for all businesses.

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Business reaction

The remarkable new COVID19 World is here, and it is going to remain until a vaccine is found for the virus. How to adapt a business is going to the be the key to survival for many businesses around the World, let alone any business growth for small businesses which have been badly affected.

Here in the UK we’ve just surpassed our tenth week in lockdown following the onset of the global pandemic of Coronavirus COVID19, with a death toll exceeding 50,000 people.

From the moment the lockdown was brought in by the UK government, the most notable thing to me for most businesses, was the need to adapt, and quickly. Whether that was to adapt their service offerings for more services to be delivered following a purchase online, or to the extreme addition of a debut online service to cater for COVID-19.

There have been plenty of ‘key’ businesses like supermarkets and hardware shops that have remained open during the pandemic after following government guidance with a set of rules in place. Mostly social distancing at all times of 2 meters, and limiting numbers of people in the store were the key rules.

Delivery drivers have been one set of the key workers that have enabled online sales to continue and even increase in certain niche sectors. Some local takeaway’s and pubs have also offered a twist of local delivery or even collection from their car park premises.

Grasping e-commerce for your business, or even the emerging social commerce niche, is absolutely vital to sustain any sales during the COVID19 pandemic. Even today as the emergence of open air markets are starting to open, the amount of customers getting back to ‘normal’ life is non-existent with the simple example of one market stall selling just one pair of socks all morning.

No E-commerce

The worst example I’ve seen of how not to provide an online shopping cart for your customers despite having an existing web presence has been Primark.

In the space of a month, they went from £650m/month to ZERO. What is bizarre, is that Primark have all their products on their website for sale, but no checkout.

The business decision for no checkout, which I can only assume is to ensure customer foot fall at all their stores, has been a very costly decision since the pandemic for them.

At Cosmik Carrot HQ it has been business as normal as we operate from home, and something that we’ve done since day one of business, and for over 12 years now.

Facebook Shop

If the fast pace of changes during the COVID-19 were already sweeping in many sectors, then Facebook just accelerated that with its new Facebook Shops announcement. See – Facebook Shops.

This new change will allow e-commerce stores to now sell directly through Facebook and Instagram. You will also be able to advertise through all of its platforms like, Messenger, Marketplace, & WhatsApp, etc. Using social media apps for electronic commerce is now defined by Facebook as “Social Commerce”

For those clients using the likes of WooCommerce, you’ll be able to link up directly into your new Facebook Shop and sell your products or services. This is going to be a great extension of your online store to add to any business growth strategy.

This will be great for ensuring the product and stock level remains consistent and leads back to the main store on your website to control sales orders.

Online retailing of buying and selling any goods and services is going to increase as individuals want to avoid testing positive or adding to the coronavirus deaths.

High street decline

The UK high street has been in decline for many years, and the COVID-19 pandemic might be like petrol on a fire to accelerate that decline. I see this occurring due to the amount of social distancing required, and the lengthy timespan for a possible vaccine to be developed.

Businesses can combat this decline with a move to an online format to accept payment for items, followed by either collection or delivery.

Restaurants and Pubs

It is still unclear as to when any restaurants can fully open. There have been certain fast food services offering delivery services during the lockdown. As well as particular independent pubs offering collection from an online menu.

For all food restaurants and pub chains, the concept of disposable menu’s has been muted. Personally I think this is going to be such an environmental waste in the long-term.

As a society we need to embrace behavioural change when required to do so, combined with new technology. This is why I think contactless solutions is going to be a key innovative area for most businesses.

An example where you can adopt a new contactless solution for your food service business is a QR Code to Food Menu. By having a new permanent QR code on restaurant tables, users can scan the code with their smart phone. Once the QR code is recognised, the customer can then go through the interactive menu in their phone and place an order including payment.

For more information, check out our Conversational Marketing with further details.

Stay safe and well!

COVID-19 Business Update

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Following the developing global pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 around the World, we just wanted to provide an update on our business operations and some tips for all our clients through this health and economic crisis.

Following the developing global pandemic of Coronavirus COVID-19 around the World, we just wanted to provide an update on our business operations and some tips for all our clients through this health and economic crisis.

COVID-19 Pandemic

First of all, we want to say that our hearts go out to everyone who has been affected by this crisis situation in all its forms. We also hope you, your family and friends remain safe and well during this unprecedented time.

If there is any way we can help your business or organisation out through this pandemic with a range of web services to communicate to your customers, then please contact us.

Business Update

Secondly, we want to say that our business operations will continue as normal for us.

We have been operating as a remote company from a position of working from home with remote working for over 12 years now. So as long as we continue to have an internet connection, our business will continue for the foreseeable future.

We’ve always seen this as a huge business strength in being able to adapt when required to, depending on what challenges can be thrown up in business and home life.

In light of this update, we’re providing a check list of items that you may want to implement for your business depending on how you are being impacted.

Communication Checklist

  • Add temporary hours to Google My Business
  • Add a short post to Google My Business that gives a statement of your availability and activity
  • Take this same information and use it to create a blog post
  • Bonus points are provided for a heart-felt video embedded into the post
  • Update your website contact page with your temporary hours (add these and don’t take away the existing hours)

Items to Proactively Communicate to Customers

  • Are your offices open
  • Staff availability
  • Hours of operation
  • Safety of in-person activity
  • What can still be done online
  • Interruptions to services or product shipments
  • Status quo services and product shipments (aka what isn’t being altered)
  • Instructions for how customers can alter existing appointments with you
  • Is it still safe to <insert your activity with clients>
  • Event changes or delays
  • Cancellation policies if applicable
  • A reminder that this situation is constantly changing and more updates will be coming from you

Following the sudden surge in businesses working from home this week with remote teams and remote workers. Following many years of experience in remote working, we’ve compiled a short list of our top recommended service providers to ease you through this new way of working.

Video meetings – Zoom

For all your online meetings with customers and colleagues, Zoom will provide you with a fantastic range of tools and plans to support you at this current time during self-isolation from your team. 

Team communication – Slack

When operating in a team with plenty of messages going back and forth, the last thing you want to use is email. Check out Slack for a revolution in communication.

Kanban boards – Trello

Missing the white board at the office already? 

No problem, Trello will be your new white board to process your items that need to be completed.

Project management – Teamwork

Teamwork is an excellent work and project management tool that helps teams improve collaboration, visibility, accountability and ultimately results.

If you require any help or training with the pros and cons of getting your business or organisation setup with new web tools to help you with remote working, then please contact us.

Finally, stay at home, stay safe and well, and we will all come through this pandemic.