Art Classes – Joanne Parkinson

Art Classes Registration

Joanne Parkinson was developed to allow event registration for her creative art classes down under in Melbourne, Australia. The aim of the Joanne Parkinson website, was to bring her art classes on-line so attendees can register for them for an easy booking process for each art class and workshops. Previously, Joanne had used other third party websites, and social sites, but this didn’t give her the control that she wanted for all of her classes. So after a free consultation with Cosmik Carrot, we agreed that Event Espresso would be the best addition to her site to take on-board for all of her classes.

The additional web development has created the improved user experience for class bookings, and interact with other areas of the website in a more artistic manner. Class bookings have increased, and Joanne is looking to add more classes to suit the demand for her clients. The improved user experience, has provided a lot of positive feedback from her clients. Joanne is also considering other uses for selling ticketed events for some new services to expand her business, which will mean that she won’t need to use other third party services and be able to reduce her expenses.

Joanne’s members can now see clearly when all the different art classes and workshops are taking place all year round. Whether its workshop classes for specific groups, or overseas art trips, all the information is now displayed clearly on the Joanne Parkinson website, with a simple booking process for her members. If you have any art classes that you require designing and developing for your members, then contact us with all your details.

“Fantastic work from Ben. He was very thorough and patient. If you need an Event Expresso expert – he is your guy! A++++++”