Membership – Association of Voluntary Service Managers

The membership website for the Association of Voluntary Service Managers was designed and developed by Cosmik Carrot, as their previous website required a rebuild. Association of Voluntary Service Managers is a national membership organisation for anyone managing volunteers in hospice or palliative care settings, based in the United Kingdom. The webmaster of AVSM ‘Keelan Early’ wanted to improve their website for a better user experience for the organisation, and its members.

The AVSM members can now purchase their membership online and any future event tickets, through their website. Overall, the new website provides better functionality for both the committee and its membership users to communicate across the country. More effective communication has been amplified with their new members forum, which is run off the back of Slack. This means that their members can stay in conversation across all their responsive devices, and on the move across the country.

If you have a membership website that you require designing and developing for your clients, then contact us here with all your details.

Having worked alongside other website developers in the past, we have been unfortunate to have been subject to poor communication and a poor standard of client service.

Ben has been absolutely refreshing to work with – he listened to our requests and dreams of what we would like in a website. He gave us sound, evidence-based advice that shaped how the website looks today. As a transparent but complex membership network, understanding how AVSM works and how the website can add value to our members is quite difficult but Ben took the time to get to know why we needed certain things and why we needed them in a certain manner.

Although the website looks relatively straightforward, the complexity of the network means that it is complicated in the backend but Ben has made it work fluently and efficiently. We have big plans for AVSM and the website, and continued development of the website, is integral to that.

Restaurant Realtor – Restaurant Sales Group

The restaurant realtor Restaurant Sales Group was designed and developed by Cosmik Carrot. Restaurant Sales Group ‘helps restaurateurs to maximise their investment when buying and selling their restaurant’, based in Florida, USA.  The owner of the Restaurant Sales Group ‘Dave Walis’ wanted to develop their website so that any client who was interested in a restaurant and wanted to know the restaurant location had to register on the site, and complete a confidential non disclosure agreement.

The rebuild of the site means that all future clients now have to register on the site to view details of all their restaurants for sale. For any clients that want to know a restaurants location, they now have to digitally sign a confidential non disclosure agreement, with copies sent to both parties. This has proved to be a fantastic time saving improvement for the client and a positive experience for them. This has also saved huge amounts of administration time for Dave and his team, with a contract signed and delivered on the release of the restaurant location address.

The development of the website has also meant that the owner can continue to add new real estate listings across all the counties and neighbourhoods in Miami. Having that flexibility to continue to add additional content is crucial to keep the flow of traffic to their real estate website. Keeping the content fresh, means that there are more users likely to keep returning to the site.

If you have any restaurant realtor website’s that you require designing and developing for your clients, then contact us here with all your details.

“Ben met and exceeded all of my expectations. He is the best web developer / designer that I have worked with. I highly recommend him. I am looking forward to working with Ben in the future.”

Camp Registration – Sharon Community Education

Sharon Community Education was designed by Ella J Designs and developed in collaboration with Cosmik Carrot. We were contacted to develop the event registration function, and student profiles for the new website for Sharon Community Education.

Sharon Community Education is a self-supporting branch of the Sharon Public Schools, based in Massachusetts, USA.  The aim of the new website was for SCE to be in control of their classes for sale, and to vastly improve the overall registration process for parents with their children.

As part of the new Sharon Community Education website, they required summer camp registration, student activities, music lessons, and trip events, to be easily accessible so parents could easily complete registration for each of the events online. The key requirement for each of the events was to improve the administration registration, and to vastly reduce the paperwork. By allowing the parents to complete the registration forms online including important parental approval documents, medical forms, and permissions, this has now improved the process for both parents, students, and Sharon Community Education, as a whole. The community overall has been delighted with the improvements, which has provided greater flexibility for everyone.

If you have any camp registration, class trip registrations, and other educational registration that you require designing and developing for your students and parents, then contact us here with all your details.

“A project I was working on used the Event Espresso plugin and I wanted to find a web developer who was reliable, responsive and thorough to set up and configure EE. Ben met all of these requirements and then some.

Ben was always available to answer any questions, met the deadline and went above and beyond during the project. I would highly recommend Ben and would not hesitate to work with him again.”

Jamboree Registration – Australian Girl Guides

Summer Camp Registration

Leesa Kennedy of GCWeb contacted Cosmik Carrot to co-develop the jamboree registration for the Australian Girl Guides Great Bunya Gathering to enable the girl guides to register via their parents online. The overall goal from Leesa was to create an easy jamboree registration process, that would capture all the information that the organiser’s required for the large event.

The Australian Girl Guides had a manual administration process in place and wanted to bring the event registration to their website to bring their administration process up to date. The main requirement from their brief was for their girl guide’s parents to have no problem registering online with all of their relevant details for the jamboree registration.

This was developed and integrated for the Australian Girl Guides in a quick turn around, and has now improved the event registration process, improved the time efficiency greatly for their girl guides, and also reduced their administration vastly with everything being online.

Some of the benefits of online registration:

  • Convenient, Efficient and Paperless
  • Accurate information recorded
  • Great customer experience

If you have an upcoming jamboree registration that you want to bring up to date, and have the registration completed on your website, then contact us with your jamboree registration requirements. Following your requirements, we’ll reply back to you with the next step in the process for designing and developing a successful jamboree registration.

“Sincerely grateful for the attention to detail you gave our Event Espresso Project Ben! We will definitely use your services again should we require assistance with this software!”

Membership Events – Irish Network Boston

Membership Events Registration

The Irish Network Boston (INB) approached Cosmik Carrot to get the integration setup for people to join their INB membership events, and then allow them to register for their INB events in the Boston community. The web development of their website encompassed all of their requirements. One of the requirements was to ensure that the purchase of tickets was done through the INB website, without members having to leave the website. Another requirement, was to make sure that only members could be allowed to purchase the membership price range of tickets.

The opening launch party for their St. Patrick’s Day event was a roaring success for INB. The membership community all joined INB before hand from the beginning of March, and then purchased their tickets for the event. This is a very effective way of gathering members for your society/group/community when the member to be wants to join an event. Overall the feedback from the Irish Network Boston and its members has been extremely positive. They are also looking at ticketing other events to raise more funds for the organisation, instead of using third party services, which will in turn reduce their expenses.

If you have a private membership organisation website that you require designing and developing for your members, then contact us here with all your details, and then we’ll certainly get back to you to finalise your development requirements.

“Ben was a lifesaver – I needed to get some work done quickly to launch a public site. Ben was extremely professional and was quick to understand the need and produce results. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Membership Integration – Texas Beekeepers Association

Membership Integration PMPro

Cosmik Carrot was approached by Mark Hedley from the Texas Beekeepers Association about an enhancement that they wanted for their online membership and their members.

The development required working with PMPro and Event Espresso to allow for the members details to appear automatically in the appropriate fields when the user was logged in.

Development of the website to enable an easier membership experience has proved to be worthwhile for its members and the association overall. It has also enabled an improved membership experience. The additional web development has created the improved user experience to liaise with other members, and interact with other areas of the website in a more elegant way. Mark is also considering other uses for the integration for some new services to expand their membership, which will mean that they won’t need to use other third party services and be able to reduce their expenses.

If you have a website’s that you require membership integration for that is designed and developed for your members, then contact us here with all your details.

“The Texas Beekeepers Association challenged Ben Bradley at Cosmik Carrot with a difficult member profile integration challenge with Event Espresso in 2014.  The challenge was met and our member serviceability via our website has been enhanced greatly due to Ben’s talents.  His foresight into the solution to our problem, dedication in working with our other technology partners, and commitment to a solution were remarkable.  We highly recommend Ben and Cosmik Carrot, and will be sure to reach out to them with future WP Engine and Event Espresso enhancement projects.”

Club Events – Beverly Hills Women’s Club

Club Events Registration

Beverly Hills Women’s Club, Tricia Nelson, contacted Cosmik Carrot to develop the event registration for their website to enable their members and guests around Beverly Hills to create an easy registration process.

Beverly Hills Women’s Club had a manual administration process in place and wanted to bring the event registration to their website to bring their club up to date. The main requirement from their brief was for their members and guests to buy tickets tickets to club events and print the tickets at home.

The web development of the club events has been vast to cater for each of the different type of events that the club puts on for its members. Having each event specifically created now provides the professionalism that the club having looking to provide for some time. The feedback from members has been overwhelmingly positive.

This was developed and integrated for Beverly Hills Women’s Club in a quick turn around, and has now improved the event registration process, and improved the time efficiency greatly for their members and guests. This has also reduced their manual administration vastly, with a view of looking to phase out their manual administration altogether within the private club.

If you have a private members club website that you require designing and developing for your clients, then contact us here with all your details, and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

“Wow, thanks so much!! The site looks great! You are definitely a hero in our book! 🙂 Thank you so much!”

Online Classes – Vital Soft Tech

Online Classes Registration

Cosmik Carrot was asked to produce an online classes website with WordPress where the user could join the their membership and sign up for a class. The online class for Oracle lessons was done using Wishlist Member, and the event management for each class was done using Event Espresso. This provided a great web solution for the client, along with a great user experience for their members, and a great new learning experience.

Once all the requirements were agreed, the first part of the development was to get the membership integration part of the website established. Following bespoke customisations and rigorous testing the membership development was the first part that was launched.

Following the membership functionality in place, Vital Soft Tech then wanted their members to be able to book online classes. The user experience and flow for their members through the process of booking classes is now far more intuitive. Other parts of the development were around the branding and customisation of communication to their members after an oracle lesson booking had been made.

If you are looking to provide event registration for your virtual classes or in person classes through your website, then contact us here, and we’ll take it from there with your requirements.

“Ben has helped me successfully get the site up and running with very good quality. He has patiently taken care of all the requirements and I am happy that the site turned out to be much better than I expected. I would not hesitate to hire him for any Web design project. In fact I plan on starting another contract with him soon.”