Restaurant Realtor – Restaurant Sales Group

The restaurant realtor Restaurant Sales Group was designed and developed by Cosmik Carrot. Restaurant Sales Group ‘helps restaurateurs to maximise their investment when buying and selling their restaurant’, based in Florida, USA.  The owner of the Restaurant Sales Group ‘Dave Walis’ wanted to develop their website so that any client who was interested in a restaurant and wanted to know the restaurant location had to register on the site, and complete a confidential non disclosure agreement.

The rebuild of the site means that all future clients now have to register on the site to view details of all their restaurants for sale. For any clients that want to know a restaurants location, they now have to digitally sign a confidential non disclosure agreement, with copies sent to both parties. This has proved to be a fantastic time saving improvement for the client and a positive experience for them. This has also saved huge amounts of administration time for Dave and his team, with a contract signed and delivered on the release of the restaurant location address.

The development of the website has also meant that the owner can continue to add new real estate listings across all the counties and neighbourhoods in Miami. Having that flexibility to continue to add additional content is crucial to keep the flow of traffic to their real estate website. Keeping the content fresh, means that there are more users likely to keep returning to the site.

If you have any restaurant realtor website’s that you require designing and developing for your clients, then contact us here with all your details.

“Ben met and exceeded all of my expectations. He is the best web developer / designer that I have worked with. I highly recommend him. I am looking forward to working with Ben in the future.”