The Ultimate Guide to Packaging Your Services to Increase Online Sales

The Ultimate Guide to Packaging Your Services to Increase Online Sales

Imagine starting a website for your online business and promoting it everywhere, but you get no clients. Before you shut down your business, consider how you can increase online sales.

Creating service packages is an excellent choice, and it can do your business a lot of good. Read on to learn how you can use packages to get more sales online.

Start With Current Clients

One of the best ways to package your services is to look at current clients and their orders. Maybe you offer social media management services but also do graphic design.

If a few of your clients pay for social media management and graphics, combine those into a package. Odds are, other potential clients want both services but may not know that you offer both.

You can also ask your current clients what services they wish you offered. If you’re willing and able to offer those new services, you can add them to a package with your existing offer.

Not all services will work well together, so consider the requests of your clients. However, if you get multiple people requesting the same service bundles, offer that.

Focus on Services You Enjoy

Another way to increase online sales is to package services that you enjoy doing and are good at. Maybe you have clients asking for video editing, but you don’t like working on those projects.

Sure, you could offer that service as part of a package. However, you’ll probably dread doing it, so you might not promote the package as much, so you won’t get as many sales.

Instead, think about your skills and interests to decide what to add to a package. You’ll look forward to getting more client work, so you can make more sales in your online business.

Consider Complementary Services

When running a business, you might offer multiple services. Consider what you currently offer and new services you could provide that go well with your existing business.

For example, a social media manager could also offer content creation services. Some companies don’t want to deal with creating content, so you can handle that for them.

Adding complementary services can also increase the value of your package. You could make more money without having to increase online sales significantly.

Of course, be sure you like the services you plan to offer. If that changes, you can always adjust your packages accordingly.

Separate Primary and Secondary Services

If you haven’t already, list out all of the services you can and are willing to provide clients. Then, make new lists of the primary and secondary services.

A primary service is the main part of your package, and it’s why most clients will book you. On the other hand, secondary services are those that add something to the overall offer.

For example, your primary service could be social media management. If you also offer graphic design, that could be a secondary service, especially if you focus on social media graphics.

Research Your Competitors

When trying to increase online sales, look at other online businesses. Consider what services your competitors offer and how they package the services together, if at all.

Look at how much your competitors charge, and think about how much experience they have. Then, you can figure out how to package your services so that you can attract more clients.

Maybe your competitors have packages, but all of the packages are massive. You could fill the gap for smaller clients who have lower budgets and only need a couple of services.

Or your competitors might not offer a key service that you know would help your target audience. You might choose to add that service to your packages.

Determine the Package Sizes

Next, you need to figure out how big the packages you’ll offer will be. Think about how much of a particular service your clients will need to see results.

For example, a coach might offer a package with four coaching sessions. Then, the client will have time to ask more questions and work on their skills before the meetings end.

If you offer social media services, you could set up a three-month package so that you can get your clients results. You know your industry well, so think about your experience when deciding on the size of packages to offer.

Set Your Rates

A big part of getting business sales is to set the right price. First, you need to make sure your pricing reflects the amount of time you’ll spend on the project.

Maybe you already charge clients an hourly rate, so you use that as the basis for your packages. Consider how long it will take for you to fulfil a package’s requirements.

Multiply that by your hourly rate to get a starting package rate. However, you should also account for any expenses you’ll incur, such as website hosting or hiring freelancers.

You should also make sure you have enough money to pay your taxes. Add that in to get a better idea of how much you should charge for a new package.

Use Value-Based Pricing

Many service businesses charge by the hour or a project rate based on the hours it will take. However, other business owners are moving to a value-based pricing model.

That means you need to figure out the value you’re offering your clients and charge accordingly. For example, maybe you create social media graphics that help clients get sales.

Those graphics could be worth $1,000, even if they only take you a few hours to create. Go back to your competitor research and figure out how much others charge for similar services to help you set a rate based on the value.

Get Client Feedback

Before you launch your new packages, ask your current and potential clients for feedback. Share the packages with a few clients and ask them if they like the services and if they’d pay your given rate.

Of course, some people may say your rate is too expensive, so try to get feedback from people who’ve hired you. They already know what you can do, so they can give better advice regarding the pricing and the services you include.

If you haven’t had any clients, look for your target client online. Ask them the same questions, and use the responses you receive to adjust your packages before you officially offer them.

That can help you increase the chances of people wanting to buy a package when you launch.

Offer A La Carte Services

Another easy way to increase online sales is to keep providing a la carte services. You might have a few packages that fit the needs of your clients.

However, some clients might want additional services. That could be as simple as an extra graphic or as complex as three more social media accounts that you manage.

You can also use a la carte services when offering seasonal sales and services. If a service doesn’t quite fit in one of your standard packages, you can still provide it to clients and make money from it.

But you won’t have to worry about making it fit in one of the packages you already offer.

Set Up a Subscription

You might want to set up a subscription or membership option for some services. This can work well for things like social media management and other services people use month after month.

Instead of clients having to manually renew their contracts, you can set up recurring billing. That can cut down on work for you and your clients, and you can retain people more easily.

If you struggle to get people to renew, you can offer special perks for members. For example, you might offer a small discount, or you could include an extra graphic or some small service each month for the standard price.

When you have clients that renew their contracts, you won’t have to worry as much about getting new clients. That can help you increase online sales and maintain a higher monthly revenue.

Provide a Payment Plan

People might not want to work with you if they can’t afford your services. While it’s tempting to lower your rates to get more clients, you can also offer a payment plan.

Clients can pay for your service over a few months instead of all at once. Then, you can still attract people with smaller budgets, and you can increase online sales overall.

Now, offering a payment plan isn’t ideal for recurring services since clients can fall behind on payments. However, it’s a good choice for a one-off service, like website design or a coaching session.

You’ll eventually get your money, and you’ll know you’ll have money coming in for a while after you finish the work.

How Will You Increase Online Sales?

Setting up packages of your services can be an easy way to increase online sales. However, you need to consider a few things to create the best packages for your audience.

That way, clients will want to work with you, and you can offer the help they need. You can focus on helping more people as well, and you can accommodate small and large budgets.

Do you need help marketing your new packages? Contact us today to see how we can help.

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