Messenger Chatbot Marketing

If you’re fed up of the time and effort that you put into your email marketing list, to see very little return on your investment of time and money, then now is the time to change.

Are you also running Facebook Ads with potential leads, only to see those leads not turn into actual paid customers?

Well it’s time to move to Facebook Messenger marketing with us to get 5-10x the open rates, and 10-20x the click-through rates of other channels like email.  💬 🎉


Messenger Chatbot Marketing

Higher facebook ad conversion rate

Every single user that engages with your ad is a new qualified lead to send targeted messages to. The targeted engagement from the qualified leads can then be converted into potential customers.

Lower facebook ad cost per result

Due to the method of Facebook ad, the cost for every converted customer will be far lower. Therefore, providing you with a higher return in the longterm.

Higher engagement rates than email

Email marketing has been declining for years and the data shows that open rates are as little as 5%. Messenger marketing has been shown to deliver 60%-80% open rates in the first hour.

Customer service and faq automation

A chatbot for your business can provide all the answers to every question that your business always gets asked about. Over time a chatbot can grow in intelligence the more it gets used.

Lead nurturing drip campaigns in chat

Once a user has opted into a chat, then a targeted campaign can be sent to them to get them to interact and make a call to action.

Over 2 billion potential users

With over 1.3 billion Facebook users globally, there is a huge potential of new customers just waiting to do business with you.

Targeted instant results

Customers today want instant feedback from a business that they may potentially purchase from. They want to know the answers to their questions as soon as possible.

The days of expecting a potential client to leave a message or voicemail seem long behind us. Even the use of email enquiries has seen a decline in recent years, following the growth of mobile usage and the instantaneous apps that we now use. Facebook messenger marketing is the future, with Facebook messenger ads being the state of the art digital marketing strategy.

Having your very own chatbot is where your business can start to thrive, as the use of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ can provide the customer support that your business deserves.



  • 4-6 Landing Pages
  • 4-5 Drip campaigns
  • 4-8 Bot Opt-in Points e.g. website chat
  • 11-20 Blasts
  • 6-10 Webhook connections


  • 6-8 Landing Pages
  • 5-6 Drip campaigns
  • 9-15 Bot Opt-in Points e.g. website chat
  • 21-30 Blasts
  • 11-15 Webhook connections


  • 8+ Landing Pages
  • 7+ Drip campaigns
  • 16+ Bot Opt-in Points e.g. website chat
  • 31+ Blasts
  • 16+ Webhook connections

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