SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation SEO Services

We offer a range of SEO services to cater to your requirements. We can provide you with an array of data and explain what changes we need to implement to improve the traffic to your website.

An SEO Audit is carried out first of all. Following a review of the audit, we put a proposal forward to you that will result in meeting your goals, along with a long-term plan to ensure that your website continues to increase in ranking.

Search Engine Optimisation

Understanding why your website is not on page 1 of Google can be a daunting mystery. We uncover that element of mystery and provide you with the facts.


Keyword Research

We understand what your website is about, and then we find out what your customers are searching for to provide the correct keywords that your website must contain.

Site Structure

After reviewing your existing site structure, we will put a development plan together to ensure that your website is setup correctly for your targeted audience.



Understanding where your current backlinks are coming from is very important to see what websites are currently linking to you. To also understand what additional links we can try and gain for more referral traffic.


If you want to know why your competitors are ranking higher on a SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page), then we can provide that data. We can then implement a plan to take on your competitors and attempt to beat them.

Traffic Sources

We show you where your sources of traffic are coming from, whether it is organic, direct, social, or referral traffic. We can also work with you to improve particular types of traffic, like social media.

Want more customers to your website?

Want the traffic to increase for a specific keyword?

Want to know how to beat your competitors?

On-Page Optimisation

The average post or page that appears within the top 10 on Google has a word count exceeding 2000 words. Yes, that’s a lot of content to produce, but that is the target that now needs to be achieved if you want to give your content a chance to appear high on the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP). The more quality content that can be provided, the more weight the post has in the eyes of the search engine spiders once they crawl your post.

16 tips to optimising your on-page content

  • Content should be between 1,500/2,500 words.
  • Post name titles should be focussed on what users are searching for.
    • Relevant to what the content discusses.
    • Titles need to be unique and do not duplicate another page/post.
    • Titles need to be short and within the 55 character limit.
    • Include the keyword in the title, and near the start if possible.
    • Don’t force geographical location references.
  • URL slug should match page title (e.g. this-is-the-name-of-the-post).
  • H2/H3 subtitles used through content.
  • All external links need to open in a new tab so users are not directed away from your site.
  • One category only assigned which relates to what the post should be about for the user.
  • Include a Call To Action button in your post.
  • Include internal links to another page or post for services and products.
  • Meta titles and descriptions need to include the keyword phrase from the title name.
  • Include bullet points for lists.
  • Images need to include the alt tag description of the image.

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