WordPress Maintenance

“Websites today are like living, breathing, machines, just like a road car, as we all have to provide maintenance and care to make sure our car’s are up to a standard of quality to drive on the road.”

This analogy is the same for WordPress websites today, and this is why we offer our WordPress Maintenance Support for you. The pace of changes on the web are very rapid, and the building blocks of your brand new website can soon become outdated overnight.

This can leave your website open to security attacks like;

  • Malware

  • Viruses

  • Trojans

  • and all the hard-work of your website can become lost.

At Cosmik Carrot we offer our ‘Wordpress Maintenance Support’ package, that combats these concerns for you, so you can continue to add the content to your new website, and watch it grow over time, without worrying about having to make updates to your site.


As part of our WordPress Maintenance Support we also include two regular backups of your site.

The first backup is a daily backup of your database, and the second backup is a full backup of your site every other day, which means you can continue to make updates to your site, without worrying about losing any data. In the event of anything going wrong, we are on hand to put your site back to how it was previously.

Backups completed a month per site

Average amount of updates for a website in 2015


We introduced our our WordPress Maintenance Support for the site updates alone at the beginning of 2015, as we found that the moment a new site is completed and handed over to a client, the responsibility of keeping the site up to date had always fallen short. This then results in a new site being out of date, and open to security flaws, which then results in additional charges to fix the site when an issue arises on the site.

To combat this additional task within your business, or organisation, as part of our WordPress Maintenance Support we commit to providing daily updates when required to your site. If any conflicts occur, we will handle the development to make sure everything is updated.

Wordpress Maintenance Support


As WordPress is an open source content management system, there are parts of the platform that have become hackable due to its popularity in recent years, as the WordPress platform now accounts for over 23% of the web. Part of our WordPress Maintenance Support involves increasing the security of your WordPress site to avoid any possible attacks. No website is 100% secure against any attacks, however we aim to bolster your WordPress security to reduce any risk to your site with 35+ improvements. One specific example is that if there are any IP addresses that try to gain access to your site, we are notified and that specific IP address will then be blocked immediately as part of your daily WordPress Maintenance Support.

Hours a day

Days a year

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