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What Is Website Maintenance? Try our Daily Maintenance

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What is Website Maintenance?

The first thing you need to think about when you question ‘What is Website Maintenance?’, is do you want your website to continue working for you? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you need to ensure your website is maintained. Just like a car that needs to be maintained every year, your website is exactly the same. You need to ensure that your website plugins are kept up to date, security is in place and secure, and your site is always backed up. These are the basics of website maintenance.

Have you just invested in your website?

This could be of a range of different website costs;

  • Website Content – It could be from the content updates that you’ve added onto the website or you’ve paid somebody to write various blog posts articles and other content for you.
  • Website Design – It maybe be you’ve actually had a website redesigned by a website designer.
  • Website Development – There may be even development that you’ve had done on the website. Added some E-commerce.
  • Web Hosting – Have you just had your website hosted in a new location?
  • SEO Services – Also, have you just invested in SCO services? And if you have, you’ll know that having this work done will take a minimum of at least three months to get any sort of productive results.

So, if you’ve just invested in your website, now is the time to invest in a maintenance plan. Why? Well, first of all what is website maintenance?

  • Security
  • Updates
  • Backups

These three main components are the actual key and secret to keeping that website that you’ve just invested in, looking in tip top shape all year round 24/7.

WordPress Security

So, first of all we’ll take a look at WordPress security and the first thing you need to understand is, WordPress is an open source platform. With it being open source, this means that it’s open to vulnerabilities within the code. So we need to protect against these vulnerabilities that keep appearing or are found through the open source network globally.

We’ve got 29 percent of the web on WordPress, so that is a huge scope of websites that have a potential to have a lot of vulnerabilities to them, if they are not protected with any sort of security. As of the 11th January 2018, according to WPScan Vulnerability Database  there is now at least 10,038 vulnerabilities out there on a particular WordPress website depending on what the functionality has on that site.

We need to protect against all those vulnerabilities and any future ones.

Prevention is better than the cure

Prevention is better than the cure. That is the secret. There’s no point thinking after you’ve had a malware attack or after you’ve had a brute force attack on your website thinking, I wish I had some security in place. It’s always the same as your home or your car, you want to make sure the doors are locked and the windows are bolted to prevent anybody getting in rather than somebody gaining access to a property. You don’t want to think, ‘I wish I had put security in place’, afterwards.So what do you need to do? Part of our Daily Maintenance Support our security is 24/7 security, brute force protection, malware protection and at least another 34 security announcements like hiding the log in and admin pages and file change detection and other security enhancements.

WordPress Plugin Updates

Now if we move on to WordPress updates, this is our quote at Cosmik Carrot.

Websites today are like living, breathing machines just like a road car as we all have to provide maintenance and car to make sure our cars are up to a standard of quality to drive on the road.

Now, when you think about that, that’s very true in the sense that you know, if you left your car tyres to become undriveable, then your car is going to be off the road and no car to get around in. It’s the same mentality for your website. You need to have and make sure your website is consistently updated on a regular, daily basis for your website to be operating at its best performance.

Some people used to think that a monthly update would be sufficient. This isn’t the case anymore and neither is weekly. With WordPress updates, through Cosmik Carrot, you get, on average at least 34 monthly updates. These are done on a daily basis. When each update is applied to the website, it’s also tested to make sure it’s functioning correctly. If any issues do arise from any update that’s been applied, that issues is also rectified for you as part of the website maintenance and obviously, having the maintenance in place, that means your website will be up to date all year round.

Most of all, you can focus on your organisation or business, leaving us to do the updates for you, this of course, saves you time. It’s one of the biggest things our customers tell us and they’re so grateful of, is that it saves them huge amounts of time and worry when they can instead just be focused on their business and get on with what they need to do.

WordPress Backups

No more worrying about your website disappearing. That’s what backups translate as, and as part of our Daily Maintenance Support we are regularly backing your website after every change and update is made. This means you can just focus on what you want your website to do for you.

Monthly Reports

With each of our Daily Maintenance Support packages, we also offer our inclusive monthly reports. Each of the monthly reports will detail the amount of updates that have been applied, and all the back ups that have been done and any security protection against any attacks.

How much does website maintenance cost?

So, how much does website maintenance cost? Well, that depends on the size of the website structure itself, where the hosting server is, the technical development of the website. Does it have E-commerce? And the website demands. Is it a very demanding website? Is there a lot of changes? Is there a lot of traffic to the website?

If you want peace of mind, then website maintenance is for you. If you also want the confidence and the stability in your organisation and business then website maintenance is also for you, and small businesses. If you want to save time, then website maintenance is also for you. Each of those things are hugely beneficial in your organisation and business.

If you want any further information on our maintenance services for our Daily Maintenance Support at Cosmik Carrot, then you can contact us here with all your details.

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