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What is Google Business Profile? Guide to How It Works

According to Google, whenever you complete your Google Business Profile, customers are 2.7 times more likely to consider you trustworthy. Not only that, but they’re 70% more likely to visit you if you operate a brick-and-mortar store.

All in all, having a Google Business Profile is a great tool to grow your business and drive organic traffic online. They’re quickly becoming essential for certain types of businesses that want to be found online. 

The best part? Google Business Profiles are free and take just a few minutes to set up. All you need is a Google account. In this quick guide, you’ll learn what Google Business Profiles are and how they work (along with a few tips for optimising your profile).

What Is a Google Business Profile?

You may have noticed that when you search for a business on Google, a profile appears with that business’s information. This is called a Google Business Profile. It’s a free profile that businesses can create on Google to be more visible to potential customers on Google products like Maps and Search.

This means that if a potential customer searches for your bakery, for example, or a “bakery in Birmingham” then your profile should be one of the Google Business Profiles that pop up. Along with your profile, which contains your brand name and basic information, they’ll see:

  • Address
  • Hours of Operation
  • Phone Number
  • Website
  • Reviews

Additionally, you can include photos and videos, post updates and announcements, showcase products and services, and even offer coupons and deals.

Does My Company Need a Business Profile on Google?

This might all sound great, but you might be thinking, “Should my business be on Google?” After all, there are so many social media and search platforms out there and it can be hard to keep up with all of them. 

Google is the most popular search engine in the world and is used by potential customers every day to find products and services. 

With over 5.4 billion searches a day all around the world, it means that creating a Business Profile on Google is a great way to ensure your business is visible to potential customers. Not only that, but it provides you with the ability to:

  • Control how your business appears in search results
  • Offer potential customers important information like your address, hours of operation, and contact information
  • Showcase positive reviews of your services

You can also use it to connect with customers through posts. In short, a Business Profile on Google can be a valuable tool for attracting new customers and growing your business. 

However, it’s important to note that these types of profiles tend to drive more traffic and customer conversions when they’re for service-based and local businesses. This is because Google Business Profiles are especially great for local SEO.

Quick Guide: How to Create a Google Business Profile

Think that a Business Profile might be right for you? There’s no harm in setting yours up! After all, creating a Google Business Profile is quick, easy, and free to set up. 

Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with your Google free Business Profile.

google business profile

1. Sign In to Google Maps & Claim Your Business

First, you have to claim your business on Google My Business (if you haven’t already done so). 

Doing so verifies that you are the business owner or authorised representative and allows you to manage your business information across all Google products, including Search and Maps. To claim your business, follow these steps.Go to google.com/business

You can bookmark this address because you’ll need it later to access your Google Business Profile.Sign in With Your Google Account

If you don’t have an account, create one by visiting google.com/accounts.Enter Your Company Name

Please make sure you enter your name correctly and write it out exactly how you want it to appear on searches.Enter Your Business Address

Again, be sure you enter your address correctly. Google will need it to verify that your company exists. Then, follow the instructions to verify your business profile by phone or mail.Choose Your Business Type

Here, you can choose whether you’re a storefront or service provider. If you want customers to visit a store then select storefront. 

If you work remotely and simply want your business to appear in a specific location, you can choose a one-mile radius around your business, a specific city or state, or a group of zip codes.Choose Your Primary Business Category

Put some thought into your Google Business category! This is very important because it determines where and when your business will appear in Google searches.Add Your Phone Number and Website

Google will use this information to track website clicks and phone calls, so be sure you’re confident that the number and URL you enter are the ones you want to use.

2. Verify Your Business Profile

By verifying your business, you’re telling Google that you’re a legitimate business and giving them the information they need to show potential customers your business listing. 

You can verify your business in several ways, depending on what information you have and whether you have verified other Google products. For example, you might be able to verify your business by phone or with a postcard. 

Once you receive the verification code, enter it into the verification field, and click Verify. After your business is verified, you can start using all the features of your Google Business Profile!

3. Add Information to Your Business Page

While you’re free to use your page, it’s important to update it with as much information as possible. Doing so helps potential customers learn more about your business, and it also helps improve your chances of being found in search results. 

Here are some of the key details that you should include on your Google Business page:

  • The name of your business
  • A brief description of your business
  • Your business address and telephone number
  • Your website address
  • Your business hours
  • Photos of your business (e.g., exterior shots, interior shots, product photos)
  • Customer reviews and ratings

By providing all of this information, you’ll give potential customers everything they need to know about your business. As a result, they’ll be more likely to use your services or purchase your products.

Think of your Business Profile on Google as a virtual salesperson that helps potential customers learn all about you and what you offer so you don’t have to waste time and energy doing so.

How to Optimise Your Google Business Profile

Not seeing any improvement in your organic traffic with your Google Business Profile? We’ve got a few tips that can help you optimise your profile for more success with our FREE Google Business Profile Audit.

First of all, be sure to add engaging photos. This applies to any business whether you sell products in a storefront or offer digital services.

People are visual creatures, so adding photos to your profile can be very helpful in drawing attention to your listing. Be sure to add high-quality photos that accurately represent your business. 

In addition to photos, you can also add text content to your profile. Use this space to tell potential customers about your products or services, or to share special offers or promotions. 

And, always encourage your past customers to post testimonials. Customer reviews can be very influential, so it’s important to encourage them after every positive experience. 

The Benefits of Sharing Posts on Google Business

Now, what about those pesky posts? Should you be posting on Google Business? Honestly, yeah, sharing posts on Google Business can help to improve your business in several ways.

1. Increase Your Visibility

As a business owner, you know that visibility is key to success. One great way to increase your visibility is by sharing posts on Google Business. When you share posts on Google Business, they are seen by potential customers who are searching for businesses like yours.

In addition, sharing posts on Google Business can help to build relationships with customers and establish your business as an expert in your industry. 

2. Drive Organic Traffic

One of the great benefits of sharing posts on Google My Business is that it can help you drive organic traffic to your website. 

This is because when you share a post, it becomes part of the Knowledge Graph, which is what Google uses to provide information about businesses to users. As a result, your post has the potential to be seen by anyone who searches for keywords related to your business. 

In addition, your post will also be indexed by Google, meaning that it can appear in search results even if the user doesn’t specifically search for your business. This can help you reach a wider audience and attract new customers.

3. Stay Ahead of Your Competition

One way to ensure that your listing stays active and relevant is to share posts on Google Business. By sharing timely and interesting posts, you can help to draw attention to your listing and improve your chances of being found by potential customers. This ultimately helps you stay ahead of your competition.

Get Help With Local SEO Citation Listing Management

While a quick guide is all you need to set up your free Google Business Profile, there is a lot that goes into optimising and managing your profile as part of a successful digital strategy.

If you’re looking for help managing your local SEO citation listings then we’re here for you. Our team of experts can get your profile set up, optimised, and working to help bring you more organic traffic and leads.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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