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At Cosmik Carrot we offer our ‘WordPress Maintenance Service’ package, that combats these concerns for you. This allows website owners like yourself to continue to add the content to your new website, and watch it grow over time, while it is running smoothly without worrying about having to make updates to your site.

Our website maintenance services allow us uptime monitoring of your site to ensure it stays online for the search engines and your users to access.

The analogy below is the same for WordPress websites today, and this is why we offer our WordPress Maintenance plans for you. The pace of changes on the web are very rapid, and the building blocks of your brand new website can soon become outdated overnight.

Websites today are like living, breathing, machines, just like a road car, as we all have to provide a maintenance plan and care to make sure our cars are up to a standard of quality to drive on the road.

WordPress Security

Your website can be open to security attacks like Malware, Trojans, Viruses, DDOS Attacks and even Brute Force attacks. It is imperative that you have a website that is consistently kept up to date all year round, with good solid website security. Failure to do so can cause catastrophic issues for your website that can then cause knock-on effects for your business or organisation.

Is your website protected against the following?


Malware is a term used to refer to a variety of forms of hostile or intrusive software.


Trojans can appear in plugins and themes, which may have backdoors, send out spam, or inject hidden links into your website.


If your website has been hacked, hackers can leave viruses in many shapes and forms. Finding where they are can be very time intensive.

Brute Force Attacks
Brute Force Attacks

As it says, brute force attacks will keep on trying to gain entry to your website once the hacker knows where your login page is.


As part of our WordPress support and maintenance services we also include real time backups of your site after every update you make. This gives you the required confidence that after you’ve added new content to your website, your content will always be backed up for you.

Having the backups in place as part of Daily Maintenance Support means you can continue to make updates to your site, without worrying about losing any data. In the event of anything going wrong, we are on hand to put your site back to how it was previously.

There is always a continual cycle of updates pushed out by developers in the WordPress community. By having backups of your site for you, if there is an issue with a plugin update, then we can always rectify that issue for you. This is always part of our Daily Maintenance Service plan.

Wordpress Maintenance Backups


We introduced our WordPress Maintenance Support for the site updates alone at the beginning of 2015, as we found that the moment a new site is completed and handed over to a client, the responsibility of keeping the site up to date and plugins updated had always fallen short by the client. This then results in a new site being out of date, and open to security flaws, which then results in additional charges to fix the site when an issue arises on the site.

To combat this additional task within your business, or organisation, as part of our WordPress Maintenance Support we are committed to providing real time daily updates when required to your site. If any conflicts occur with WordPress core or plugins, we will handle the development to make sure everything is updated. Regular website maintenance is the only way forward if you want your website to succeed.


Which Daily Maintenance Support
Plan Is Best For You?

Answer just 3 simple questions.


As WordPress is an open source content management system, there are parts of the platform that have become hackable due to its popularity in recent years, as the WordPress platform now accounts for over 30% of the web. Having additional security reduces the risk of malicious code getting into your website.

Part of our WordPress Maintenance Service involves increasing the security of your WordPress site to avoid any possible attacks. This protects your website. No website is 100% secure against any attacks, however we aim to bolster your WordPress security to reduce any risk to your site with 35+ improvements. One specific example is that if there are any IP addresses that try to gain access to your site, we are notified and that specific IP address will then be blocked immediately as part of your daily WordPress Maintenance Support.

We always ensure that strong passwords are enforced across your site. If your site has membership access for members, then this is extremely useful knowing that members access will always be of the highest security. Passwords are also time limited to make sure any lapsed membership access doesn’t get used by a hacker.

As part of our hosting, we also ensure that your website has an ssl certificate so your website is secure for your users visiting your website. You can also accept credit card payments through your website with an ssl certificate. Having an ssl certificate in place is also an SEO ranking factor by Google, so it’s in your interest to have one in place. We also deal with any web applications.

Business Stability

Every client that has joined our WordPress Maintenance Support has seen the great value that it has brought to their business and organisation. The confidence of knowing that each day your website is running up to date, and fully secure provides you the opportunity to focus on your business and organisation without any distractions. In addition all our support requests are dealt with in a swift and timely manner until fully resolved.


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Monthly Reports

Each month a monthly report is delivered to your inbox so you can review the maintenance support that has been carried out for you. The report covers all the backups completed, all the details itemised and dated of each update, and all the security blocks that have been carried out.

Which Daily Maintenance Support
Plan Is Best For You?

Answer just 3 simple questions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

  • Credit Canada Debt Solutions, a not-for-profit credit counselling service, has employed the services of Cosmik Carrot for the redesign of the website of Credit Education Week Canada. Ben Bradley performed this task admirably, and did so under some tight time pressures. We would like to mention that on multiple occasions, our management team did a re-think of what we wanted for the website. When this was communicated to Ben, he was always capable of getting something back to us in a very short period of time. Also, one of the primary functions of this website relates to the use of webforms - either for entries for a contest, or for submissions for funding of events. In the case of the latter webform, Ben has set us up so that there will be significant time savings on our end in the future. We are very pleased with the work that Cosmik Carrot has done for us, and will use their services in the future.

    Keith Emery Avatar
    Keith Emery
  • Ben works very efficiently and is always quick to respond to our queries. He was able to make great recommendations to bring our organisation's practices up-to-date using the website he created which has freed up a lot of our time on a process that was previously onerous and clunky. He had a lot of patience for people who aren't very website-savvy and who had limited time available to dedicate to developing this. Great service and very knowledgeable.

    AVSM Info Avatar
    AVSM Info
  • A project I was working on used the Event Espresso plugin and I wanted to find a web developer who was reliable, responsive and thorough to set up and configure EE. Ben met all of these requirements and then some.
    Ben was always available to answer any questions, met the deadline and went above and beyond during the project. I would highly recommend Ben and would not hesitate to work with him again.

    Daniella Norwood Avatar
    Daniella Norwood
  • I hired Cosmik Carrot because I had gone as far as I could on my own with my WordPress site and my WooCommerce store needed an overhaul. Working with Ben was such a pleasure. From the start, his attention to detail, from our conversations to follow up questions he asked, it was very clear that the end result was going to be exactly what I wanted. He is well versed in all things WP, WC, Divi and more. I am beyond happy that my site is now working the way I always wanted it to and it's a much better experience for the user! If you're in need of a developer who truly knows their stuff and will give you brilliant suggestions and recommendations, look no further than Cosmik Carrot. I will be turning to them as soon as possible to take over the day-to-day management of my site as well. Highly recommend!

    Alexandra Ellis Avatar
    Alexandra Ellis
  • Ben, I have immense respect for your expertise, professionalism, and patience. Thank you for your guidance and support during our website creation and upgrades. I enjoyed our collaborations and learnt so much from you. I am forever grateful.

    Theresa Martincevic Avatar
    Theresa Martincevic
  • Ben met and exceeded all of my expectations. He is the best web developer / designer that I have worked with. I highly recommend him.
    I am looking forward to working with Ben in the future.

    Dave Walis Avatar
    Dave Walis
  • Ben was recommended to me by a colleague. I recommend engaging Ben for your project. He completed the WP form and subscriber tasks quickly, efficiently and effectively. He was clear in communication from the outset, responded in timely manner to many questions, gave helpful advice about why one solution was preferred over another and checked requirements were clear at the beginning and as progress was made.

    Janine Hayward Avatar
    Janine Hayward
  • Ben works very efficiently and is always quick to respond to our queries. He was able to make great recommendations to bring our organisation's practices up-to-date using the website he created which has freed up a lot of our time on a process that was previously onerous and clunky. He had a lot of patience for people who aren't very website-savvy and who had limited time available to dedicate to developing this. Great service and very knowledgeable.

    AVSM Exec Team Avatar
    AVSM Exec Team
  • WordPress Event Espresso Integration and Customization
    Apr 2018 - May 2018
    Ben was amazing to work with. He provided a schedule, with deliverables and adhered to both. He was fast, efficient, and easy to work with. Great communication skills and the quality of his work is top-notch. I would recommend Ben to anyone.

    Otto Suarez Avatar
    Otto Suarez
  • I hired Cosmik Carrot to develop a website, from scratch, for my business. Ben has been an absolute dream to work with. From the very first meeting, he was responsive, receptive and open to new ideas. Communication has been 1st class and Ben always replied promptly. He, in turn, also gave me lots of good ideas and suggestions which I had not thought of. Just as important, the finished product is much better than I could have imagined. I could not have wished for a better website developer. I wholeheartedly recommend Cosmik Carrot! Worth every penny.

    Asim Iqbal Avatar
    Asim Iqbal
  • “Ben provided great support over the course of the project, especially as some elements changed slightly as things progressed. In addition to adding Event Espresso, he has also greatly improved my site speed and design by changing WordPress themes. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to use Event Espresso on their site.”

    Meredith Whitely Avatar
    Meredith Whitely
  • We selected Ben at Cosmik Carrot for our recent Wordpress (DiviBuilder) website improvement project as he demonstrated a clear understanding of the project aims, and offered a host of intelligent insights into enhancing our site's SEO and performance. Ben produced new pages to encourage additional lead enquiries, and improved the styling of existing pages too. With his thorough and organised approach, the project was completed on schedule. Then, in contrast to other developers we've worked with, Ben provided an invaluable tutorial session covering everyday tasks, so that we can manage them in-house. We would be happy to work again with Cosmik Carrot on any future site improvement project.

    Chouchoute Luxury Chocolates Avatar
    Chouchoute Luxury Chocolates
  • Ben did an incredible job with our website! His knowledge of SEO was invaluable to us in creating a site that is not only beautiful but efficient and rising in google search engines everyday!

    We look forward to continuing with Ben for all of our maintenance needs.

    Toby Kassoy Avatar
    Toby Kassoy
  • Ben did an amazing job. Took the time to understand the brief and then delivered an excellent website. Really great work, thoroughly impressed and we will be using Bens' skills again.

    Keith Lawson Avatar
    Keith Lawson
  • Ben is an amazing partner to engage for your website project. He understands not only WordPress very well but also the relevant plugins for my project which included LearnDash, MemberPress and UnCanny. He has a structured milestone based delivery model, so you know exactly how your project is progressing. He created an elegant and logical Sitemap and the design is better than I had imagined. We hit some issues with a plugin bug but Ben worked directly with them to get it fixed. Ben comes highly recommended.

    John Walker Avatar
    John Walker

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