We help passionate business owners who want to thrive and succeed in boosting their business through the stratosphere.

Our WordPress websites can showcase your
expertise, attract ideal clients, and deliver sales,
even if you know nothing about websites.

Are You A Passionate Business Owner?

Our custom WordPress design and the development services we provide will create a powerful website to help your business thrive  and succeed in rocketing through to the stratosphere of the the web. You will enjoy stability with your website, greater growth for the business and qualified clients who understand the quality of your products and services.
Without this, you risk having to find tech support to resolve any website issues at a further untimely cost, and a loss of potential business growth due to downtime, and missing out on business opportunities and growth.

Similarly, when you finally have a professional website that you are really proud of, this truly accelerates a positive impact in your business enabling you to finally be able to promote your company with conviction. You will know that Cosmik Carrot website support is always there – no more “website shame” and lost business.

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Not Ready To Proceed?

If you’re unsure regarding the scope of your project before starting, then arrange a discovery call.

Highlights Of What We Do

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WordPress Web Design

WordPress is the number one platform on which we design and build all our websites. You will be able to have control over your WordPress website and add all the content that you want to, with plenty of growth to expand.

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Web Development

Want to accept online payments? Sell products on an e-commerce store? The ability to run a membership? We take care of a range of developments to add additional functionality to your WordPress website.

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Web Maintenance

We provide our ‘Cosmik Platinum Service’ package, which includes additional 24/7 security, regular backups of your site, and daily updates for your site components to make sure your site remains up to date all year round.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Are you looking to increase your page ranking on the search engines like Google & Bing? If Yes, then we have a solid process that will improve your organic page rankings after a 12 weeks period and then continue to grow over time with an improved process firmly in place.

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Web Hosting

We offer a managed professional web hosting service for our clients that provides the foundation and stability to provide you with the confidence in your website.

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SEO Audit

Want to know what issues are currently harming your website? Want to know where we can make improvements across your website? Let’s undertake an SEO Audit for you.

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